11 Things You Should NEVER Feel Guilty About

11 Things You Should NEVER Feel Guilty About ©iStock/Freemixer

Ladies, it’s time to give ourselves a break. I feel like we women generally have a tendency to fret too much, to worry about others’ opinions, and to take a really long guilt trip. Well, unpack your bags, because I’m telling you, you don’t need to feel guilty about everything. Life’s too damn short.

  1. Getting a side of french fries instead of salad. You don’t have to eat perfectly healthy all the time. If you want the fries, get the fries. You know if you don’t get the fries, you’re just going to mooch off of your boyfriend’s/friends’ plates anyway. So get the damn fries and enjoy them!
  2. Saying no to being a bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid is something that not everyone can do. It’s time consuming, can be expensive, and you may not even be all that close to the bride asking you. If you’ve got a solid reason for saying no, then say no. Don’t spend money you don’t have because you feel like you have to.
  3. Sleeping in. Provided you’ve got no plans for the day and you’re not missing work, go ahead and sleep in. Sleep is awesome, and so hard to get sometimes. Relax.
  4. Treating yourself. Yeah, you could easily buy a lipstick from Walgreens instead of Sephora, but if you’ve got the cash, why not just treat yourself? You’re an adult. It’s your money. Buy the nice lipstick.
  5. Skipping a workout. You already exercise practically every damn day. Maybe skip your morning jog this one time. The exercise police will not arrest you.
  6. Sending your mom’s call to voicemail. Sometimes we just need to mentally check ourselves before talking to our moms, or we’re busy and legit can’t pick up the phone at that very moment. As long as you call her back (preferably that day), you’re golden.
  7. Staying up late to go on a Netflix marathon. Again, you’re an adult. If you’d rather blast through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt instead of getting some ZZZs, then go for it. It’s just Netflix. It’s not like you’re staying up late abusing hardcore drugs.
  8. Not having weekend plans. I often think the best weekend plans are the weekends where you do nothing at all. Weekends shouldn’t be a competition to see who can do the most fun thing with their time.
  9. Loving The BachelorOr The Bachelorette. Or Dancing with the Stars. Or any reality show that might cause others to roll their eyes. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. If you like it, watch it! Simple as that.
  10. Your sexual fantasies. Everyone has sexual fantasies; some are kinkier than others, but they’re just that — fantasies. It’s actually quite normal to have them. Just because you fantasize about your boss taking you in his office doesn’t mean it’s anything you’d ever actually act on.
  11. Being single and planning your dream wedding on Pinterest. Hey, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have a wedding Pinterest board full of the dresses, rings, and table numbers of your heart’s delight. It’s not hurting anyone, it’s not pathetic, and it’s nothing to feel guilty about. Pin that mason jar candle!
Almie Rose is a writer from Los Angeles, California. Her favorite thing to do is eat, sleep, and repeat. If you enjoy reading about dating and Los Angeles and pop culture, check out her book, "I Forgot To Be Famous."