11 Thoughts You Have About Being Single On New Year’s Eve

11 Thoughts You Have About Being Single On New Year’s Eve ©iStock/svetikd

Rolling solo on New Year’s Eve is always a challenge. I should know — I’ve spent the last three completely single. When another year has gone by in which you’ve tried and failed at finding your special someone, there are thoughts that go through your head as you prepare to embrace another year without knowing if you’ll have someone by your side to love you along the way. Here are 11 thoughts you might have if you’re single on December 31:

  1. Should I even go out? It seems like every year, New Year’s Eve is either a giant raging party full of happy couples celebrating another year of being totally in love. It’s great to see so many happy relationships, but it’d be nice to spend a holiday without it shoved down your throat when you’re without a partner.
  2. Maybe I’ll just stay in. Because all of the above seems like a lot of hassle, and home is where the heart and pajamas are. It’s completely OK if you decide to spend the night with only yourself, and it might even be preferable.
  3. Another year of no kiss at midnight. Ugh. So you vow to pick an inanimate object or kiss your pet instead, if you’re at home. If you’re at a party, standing alone for the countdown while everyone is preparing to embrace is an awkward experience. At least everyone hugs you after. How nice.
  4. Forever alone. It’s OK, you’ll just die alone. Seriously, it’s totally cool. At least you have champagne.
  5. How much champagne will it take to completely sedate me from my single status? Because watching the Times Square party on TV complete with interviews, marriage proposals, and adorable close ups of the happy couples require a one bottle minimum to properly digest.
  6. Will next year be the year? You’ll convince yourself and wonder a lot about the upcoming year. You can’t help it — you do this every time you celebrate anything alone. Being single is great until the holidays come around, and then it’s a bit tough. You survive anyway; it just sucks a little at times.
  7. Where did I go wrong? You can’t help but think about the situations and failed attempts at relationships that led you to be alone at one of the most important times of the year. New Year’s is that one exception where you’re allowed to look back on the past, because replaying the year helps you to make better choices for the new one.
  8. How can I be better at dating next year? If you made mistakes with dating experiences, you’ll vow to make changes to avoid repeating the same bad habits going forward. This is when you start to feel a little bit more hopeful about the whole thing… or maybe that’s just the copious amount of champagne you’ve been drinking.
  9. Next year will definitely be the year. Finally, you’ll convince yourself that next year will definitely be the year for you and everything you’re looking to find will soon find its way to you. You’re one year more experienced, one year smarter, and one year closer to what’s really meant for you.
  10. New year, new me. Because as much as you hate to see these proclamations everywhere at year’s end, embracing the New Year with a positive attitude, single or not, is the healthiest choice you can make for yourself.
  11. I’ll survive, I always do. And even if you’re single again next year, you’ll be OK, because you’ve survived a New Year’s alone before and you can do it again.