11 Ways Guys’ Fragile Egos Make Them Act Like Total Douchebags

11 Ways Guys’ Fragile Egos Make Them Act Like Total Douchebags ©iStock/william87

No one likes rejection, but does it ever seem like there are some guys who really don’t like rejection? If they aren’t getting what they want, they’ll throw an adult-sized temper tantrum by acting like complete jerk. They know their bad behavior isn’t going to get them the girl, but at least at that point they can pretend they didn’t really want her, anyway. Rather than genuinely put themselves out there and risk getting hurt, they’ll do anything and everything possible to make sure they can always feel in control of the situation — but we can see right through those types of guys, right, ladies? If a guy can’t get over his own ego, he’s going to have a long and lonely single life.

  1. He says things like, “Girls always go for douchebags.” Guys justify being a jerk by claiming that’s what girls want. As if they’ve figured out some kind of secret women have been keeping from men for centuries or something. The guys who treat women with respect are just a bunch of suckers.
  2. He thinks being “nice” means a girl is automatically required to like him. The guy with “nice guy syndrome” is almost worse than a guy who’s up front about his douche bag status. “Nice” guys aren’t actually nice, they just pretend to be, and then lose their crap when a girl still isn’t interested. “But I held the door open for you and paid for dinner. I deserve a blow job,” he’ll say. Not how it works buddy.
  3. He’s too afraid to ask what we like in bed. Maybe they think we’ll say something like “well, it would be fantastic if your penis was 3 inches bigger,” or “you’re so bad at oral, you actually put me to sleep.” They’d rather just continue on using whatever “trick” worked on their first girlfriend, and blame it on us when we don’t have multiple orgasms. Ignorance is bliss apparently?
  4. Getting an apology is like pulling teeth. If a guy can’t swallow his pride and say sorry, then his ego has probably gotten so big that it’s blocking his perspective. To him, admitting he messed up is worse than the consequences of said mess up. He’d rather just ignore it and hope you do the same.
  5. He’ll ignore us in front of his friends so he doesn’t appear “whipped.” If a guy’s friend group is comprised almost exclusively of frat bros with a warped view of masculinity and how to assert it, he’s likely to have a hard time understanding that treating a woman with respect isn’t the same thing as being “whipped”.
  6. He’ll say rude things while hiding behind a screen. Rejection is par for the course with online dating and most guys take it in stride. But we’ve all come across a couple who will fly of the handle and unleash every insult they can muster up. They’d never say it in person, but if they can send it in a message and then block the girl if she tries to fight back, they’re all over that.
  7. He tries to turn the tables to make us look like the bad guy. A great example of this is when a guy cheats, and he tries to justify it by saying his girlfriend wasn’t giving him what he needed in the bedroom. Okay, but there was nothing stopping you from breaking up with her before you slept with someone else… was there?
  8. He tries to make it seem like his bad behavior is just his attempt to protect us. I once had a guy cancel a date at the last minute because in his words, “he didn’t want to have sex with me and then never call me again.” I’m sorry? I wasn’t aware we were going to have sex on the innocent coffee date we had planned. Nice try though.
  9. He’s way too liberal with the word “nuts.” When a guy calls a girl “nuts” he’s trying to ruin her credibility just in case his friends and family ever find out what he did. Because we all know guys can be just as “nuts” as girls can sometimes. Nuts doesn’t discriminate by gender.
  10. He’ll never admit when he’s upset. There are a lot of guys out there who have a hard time communicating their feelings productively. So instead of admitting they’re bothered by something, they’ll make passive aggressive comments and expect you to interpret their mixed signals. It’s like the guy equivalent of saying, “if you don’t know what’s wrong, I’m not going to tell you!”
  11. He can dish it out but he can’t take it. He’ll blow off girls for no reason left, right and center, but the second a girl does it to him, she must be one cold ass bitch. No guy who’s used to being in control likes to be given a taste of his own medicine, so it’s no surprise these guys will lash out in an attempt to protect their pride.
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