12 Desperate Moves To Avoid Making In The Dating World

12 Desperate Moves To Avoid Making In The Dating World ©iStock/Eva-Katalin

Ideally every person you are interested in would show you interest back, but that isn’t always the case. This could lead to a dry spell and being single that leads to thirst — thirst for attention, a relationship, or a hook-up. Either way, it could make you look really bad. So which thirsty moves should everyone avoid to look sane in the dating world?

  1. Using desperate emojis on Instagram. This is a minor offense and usually done towards celebrities. When Justin Bieber posts a new shirtless picture and you start commenting with the water drops emoji or the face sticking its tongue out, you’re acting thirsty. Although it might be what you’re feeling, it’s kind of overboard when celebrities are getting this from a thousand different women. It’s time we stop being thirsty.
  2. Commenting on your boyfriend’s every move online. Some girlfriends want to not only show their partner they care, but they want the entire world to know, too. So they shameless comment on every status, tweet, and picture he posts. Yikes! This is crazy, and most people assume you’ll see each other in real life. There’s no reason you can’t talk in real life, so why are you doing it online?
  3. Changing your opinions or hobbies based on what your crush likes. It’s tough to balance trying to find common ground and being yourself. We’ve all been guilty of slipping up and losing ourselves to get someone to like us. This is desperate as hell, though, and doesn’t do you any favors. Be yourself and you’ll be able to find the one you’re actually compatible with.
  4. Trying too hard with the friends or parents. You should strive to pass the regular parents’ test and be liked, but don’t overdo it by trying to be their best friend. You should take some time before adding them as friends online and keep contact minimal until you’ve really made it into the family circle. If your partner is freaked out by how much you’re talking to his parents, then take that as a sign to cut back.
  5. Showering him with gifts every chance you get. Some people’s love language truly is giving gifts, but if it all seems one-sided and you’re starting to spoil someone constantly, then you’re doing too much. It shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to buy someone’s affection, and if you aren’t getting anything in return then you should stop before he can take advantage of your niceness.
  6. Constantly asking your friends to hook you up with someone. Most of the time, this is something that’s offered, so it’s already kind of weird to be asking. If you’re doing this constantly, then you’re putting your friend in an awkward position. Wait and let your friends come to you.
  7. Turning everything into a sexual innuendo. Everyone’s sense of humor differs and there’s nothing wrong with making sexual innuendos, but if you’re making them at work or in other settings where it’s inappropriate, then you’re doing too much. Also, talking about sex a lot is a sign that you’re probably not getting any and getting desperate, so dial it back.
  8. Showing your friends your crush’s profile. We’ve all been there, and it’s less about the profile and more about the obsession. You’re showing more than just the profile picture to give your friends a face to the name. You’re also giving all of this person’s life details that are only interesting to you.
  9. Stalking his profile (and all his friends’ profiles) in private. When we like someone, we want to know everything about them and what they’re doing almost every second of the day. Sadly, social media actually can make this available to you. Try to distract yourself instead, because when you meet up, you want to be able to say you’ve been doing other things than stalking them.
  10. Sending out mass messages on dating apps. Many view online dating as a numbers game, so they just copy and paste the same lame messages to multiple people, hoping to hear back. You shouldn’t actually do this. Find someone you like, read his profile, and mention whatever you have in common in a funny greeting. Sending out the same message is so impersonal and starts things off as if you just want anyone rather than the right one.
  11. Frequently comparing people to the celebrity/character you fangirl over. We all have one or more celebrities we go crazy over and see as our dream guy(s). However, the chances of that actually happening are slim, so you might try to find someone that’s like them. This is actually really deranged, and if you’re doing it, then you need to let it go. No one will measure up to your dream date, anyway,  so it’s time to reevaluate your standards.
  12. Sending out random nude pictures. A lot of guys are guilty of this, but ladies can be, as well. At least warm up the conversation to sex before sending pictures, or else you are really showing your true desperation and you risking getting blocked by someone who might not even be interested in you in that way.
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