12 Douchebag Behaviors You Should Run From Immediately

Most men we meet are on their best behavior in the beginning of a budding relationship. They blind us with their charm and sometimes even lay on the chivalry in heavy doses. Sooner or later, though, everyone ends up showing who they really are, and sometimes we can be blind to blatant douchebag behaviors that we simply shouldn’t ignore. If he does any of the following things, please reconsider dating him and instead run as far away as you can get as fast as you can:

  1. He cancels plans last minute. Legitimate emergencies are fine, but if a guy bails on dates with you several times a week without proper notice, he’s just plain rude. Bailing isn’t professional in a job, and it’s not acceptable in a relationship, either.
  2. He only calls you late at night. If your phone only goes off after 11 p.m. for last minute plans to “hang out,” he doesn’t respect you. Good guys will make thoughtful and proper plans with you, while guys who are just lazy will leave you on the back-burner until it’s convenient for them. Do yourself a favor and don’t pick up or reply if this is his primary contact time.
  3. He gaslights. Gaslighting has been a problem for decades. It’s when a man convinces you that you’re being irrational or crazy when you voice your legitimate concerns. If he demonstrates this behavior, you should only concern yourself with cutting him out of your life, ASAP.
  4. He doesn’t take you on actual dates, ever. Girl, as much as Netflix and chill is comfy and means you don’t need to do your hair and can wear sweatpants, you deserve actual dates. You deserve to be taken out to dinner, to have doors held for you, and you deserve to be shown some effort. This doesn’t mean every single time you hang out has to be a candlelit dinner, but you should be leaving the house from time to time, and not just to hit the McDonald’s drive-thru.
  5. He makes you feel guilty for not wanting sex. Any guy who nags you or guilts you into having sex with him is straight up selfish. If he isn’t putting in the work to make you feel like you want to have sex with him, and just expects it, then not only is he a douchebag, he’s also delusional.
  6. He runs from confrontation. Conveniently, whenever you want to talk about something that’s upset you, he drops off the face of the earth and just ghosts you until he thinks enough time has passed and you’ve probably forgotten it. Pay extra caution if he goes completely MIA after a soft topic comes up, only to resurface acting like nothing ever happened.
  7. He leaves, or calls you an Uber right after sex. This one could be circumstantial or maybe even mutual, but if he immediately zips up after he’s gotten off and hails a cab, tell him to enjoy his permanent ride home, because he’s/you’re never coming back.
  8. It takes him days to respond to a text. This one is just mind-boggling. Some women think taking two days to respond is perfectly fine. It’s totally not. Everyone has their phones with them 24/7 and yes, sometimes it can take a couple hours to be able to respond if we’re busy, but days at a time is inexcusable.
  9. He comments on your weight. If he makes any negative or shaming comments about your body or your size, say goodbye — no explanation needed.
  10. He sends you a penis pic. Seriously, you would think with all the articles women (and even men) have written about how obscene and unwelcome penis pics are that they would stop, but no dice… which is why this is now even more of a clear sign that he’s a douchebag, not to mention stupid.
  11. He has a girlfriend he tries to convince you he’s breaking up with. The cheater guy who says he’s going to leave his girl for you and hasn’t is a jerk. Walk away. If he was going to break up with his girlfriend and he was as unhappy as he says he is, he would have broken up with her before he even met you. Any guy who’s pursuing someone while committed to someone else is a huge red flag. Get out immediately.
  12. He’s rude to the wait staff. This goes for women, too. Anyone who’s blatantly rude to the people who serve them is just a miserable person. Save yourself the embarrassment and eat alone.