12 Forever Single Perks No One Ever Talks About

Maybe you thought you’d only be single for a while before someone new swept you off your feet, but that didn’t happen. Maybe you’ve been single for years. So what? There are actually many perks to being forever single that no one ever talks about. After all, the longer you spend on your own, the more these things happen.

You can be a goal digger.

Forget gold digging. By being single forever, you can achieve your own goals and earn your own money. Few things are more satisfying than bossing your life and turning your dreams into reality.

You don’t lose yourself.

Everyone loses themselves to a relationship and love at some point. Screw that. It messes with your confidence, makes you neglect your friends and dreams, and causes you to compromise on things you really shouldn’t, like your sense of identity and happiness.

You become grateful for little things.

Being single makes you notice and appreciate the little things that you don’t realize you’re missing out on in long-term relationships. For example, being able to have the entire bed to yourself or having the opportunity to eat Chinese food every day for a week if you like, without your partner trying to persuade you to try that new Italian restaurant.

You learn to trust your own voice.

When you’re with someone in a serious relationship, it’s really easy for you to start taking on their views and thoughts. You might also get into the habit of asking them for their advice instead of thinking about what’s best for you. Being single means you only have yourself and your happiness to consider.

You stop doubting yourself based on what a partner might think.

You wake up in the morning and you don’t feel like shaving your legs again. When you’re in a relationship, you might wonder if you should suck it up and do it because your partner might frown at your choice not to. But when you’re single, you don’t experience those doubts. You’re so in tune with the magical feeling that this is your body and you can do whatever the heck you want with it.

You can finally build that empire.

No more excuses. It’s impossible to juggle a committed relationship with your wildest dreams, especially if the latter requires you to invest a lot of money into a new venture or travel to other countries. You don’t need to compromise on what you want to achieve in your life because you’re sharing your life with someone else who you have to consider from time to time. Building an empire might not be about an actual empire, by the way, but building yourself up as your own empire, such as by working on your self-worth.

You only have your own drama to deal with. 

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone toxic, you’ll know how precious it is to only have your own sh*t to deal with instead of someone else’s drama that they keep dropping on your doorstep. Who needs the hassle?

Your money is always yours.

Want to splurge on new Mimco jewelry? You can. Want to invest every penny this month instead of buying that new washing machine that your boyfriend wants to buy? You can, because you don’t have a partner to consider. Yay.

You can have as many dating perks as you want whenever you want.

 You don’t need to be in a relationship in order to enjoy some dating perks. You can date guys casually if you like, have sex with whoever you want, and even get into a more serious relationship for a while if that’s something you feel like doing. But then you can go back to your sanctuary and go back to being you, no questions asked.

The holidays belong to you.

You know how stressful the holidays can be. When you’re single, you don’t have to compromise when you have some time to yourself, such as by doing things you don’t want to do. Instead of being forced to spend the festive season with your partner’s annoying family, you can take a fun vacation with your single buddies or go somewhere awesome on your own.

You’re not letting someone else control your moods.

If you’re in a long-term relationship and always feeling down, you should question if your partner’s the one who’s bringing you down and raining on your good mood. It’s impossible not to let your mood plummet when you have a fight with your boyfriend or he does something to annoy you. Without a relationship in your life, you are more in control of your happiness because you’re the only one responsible for it.

You’re not letting someone else into your precious head.

When you’re single, you don’t waste time thinking things like, “What if my partner changes their mind about me?” or “What if they don’t like what I said in my text to them earlier?” You don’t waste time overanalyzing all their texts and behavior, as though you work for the FBI. All that BS takes up a lot of headspace and uses up energy that can be put to much better use. Seriously.

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