12 Guys Reveal The Best Pieces Of Love Advice Their Moms Ever Gave Them

I’ve always wondered what advice guys my age were given when it comes to love and dating. I’d like to assume we are all coming from the same mindset and playing field, but the reality is advice for men and women tends to be very different. I asked 12 men in my life what advice from their moms about love stood out to them, and boy was I surprised! Most guys I asked couldn’t think of anything, which says something in itself. But for those who could, I loved getting that insight!

  1. “Look for someone who is your best friend that you can feel comfortable around in any situation.” Starting off really sweet here, and I completely agree. Isn’t that what love is all about? Finding a best friend to tackle life with? At least, that’s how I look at it! It was nice to hear that this guy was told to look for the same things. This is one of the best pieces of love advice not just for men but for women too.
  2. “To show love is to show kindness and be respectful of someone else’s feelings.” Hitting the nail on the head very literally with this one. I’d like to think this goes without saying with any relationship-romantic or platonic. It’s a beautiful thing that this piece of simple but crucial advice stuck out for this guy. Being respectful and kind is always a huge bonus when it comes to dating and love!
  3. “With every heartbreak, you’re one step closer to finding your true love.” This really is somewhat stereotypical love advice but that’s because it’s one of the best things to keep in mind. I can hear the “Aww!”s from here. How sweet is this one!? This is definitely a piece of advice I wish I had received from my mom. I think we’ve all been in a situation where we feel utterly heartbroken and hopeless about love. This is a beautiful reminder that your person is out there.
  4. “Be kind, honest, and respectful.” Another one that’s straight to the point! I really love the honesty aspect here because that is so important when it comes to love and dating. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not and expect your happily ever after; you absolutely have to be yourself.
  5. “Open doors, ladies order first, and when walking down the street, the man walks on the outside.” Chivalry is not dead, ladies. We’re just picking the wrong guys. I personally love this mom’s advice. I can’t help but swoon when a guy does these simple things. It truly makes him come off as a gentleman, and that is so attractive.
  6. “She just continuously told me I wasn’t allowed to date girls… because I was too young.” Okay, I’m including this because I kind of love it. Seems like this mom knew that in order for her son to date, he needed to have a certain level of maturity. Which I agree with- in a sense! Women aren’t looking for boys; we want men. You need to show some level of maturity or commitment for a relationship to work and eventually lead to love.
  7. “Find a woman who holds herself to a high standard, loves her family, and respects you for who you are.” This one is my favorite pieces of love advice and objectively one of the best. Especially the part about a woman who holds herself to a high standard. When a girl treats herself with respect, it is understood that a guy must, at the very least, treat her with the same level of respect. A man should treat a girl how she deserves to be treated always, especially when it comes to a romantic partner. There can’t be a relationship without respect, and that starts with you.
  8. “Flowers go a long way.” Simple, yet effective. I like to think this translates into all the little things a guy should do for his partner to let them know they are thinking of them and appreciate them. Women are suckers for small gestures, and they really do make a large impact. Love notes, doing the dishes, small trinkets, etc. are all tangible signals of how you feel about your partner. Take notes, boys!
  9. “If there are more negative times than good, then they’re not the one.” It’s the harsh truth that sometimes, love isn’t enough. Some people just aren’t supposed to be together. If you find you and your partner spend more time fighting with each other instead of enjoying each other, that’s absolutely a signal something needs to change. Don’t settle for a negative situation; hold out for the perfect one.
  10. “You need to find someone exactly like me.” This is probably the creepiest advice I have ever heard of. I hope that this mom was joking because otherwise, that’s just weird. Yes, guys should love and respect their mothers, but as soon as they start trying to date a carbon copy of their mom, it gives major “mommy issues” vibes. Have you seen the show Momma’s Boys? No, thank you!
  11. “Find someone who is good in the kitchen.” Seriously? I don’t think so! I am so disappointed in this Mom’s advice. Again, I hope this was said in jest because quantifying someone by their ability to cook as a qualifier for a relationship is just so outdated. I have images of a 50’s housewife just sitting at home waiting for her husband to tell her what to do next. Boo! Modern relationships are about so many more important things; trust, respect, communication… the list goes on and on.
  12. “If they wanted to, they would.” This should be carved in stone somewhere as the cardinal rule for all relationships. Effort is huge when it comes to relationships, and if it’s not reciprocated, it can lead to some pretty nasty issues like resentment and even cheating. We all should be looking for someone who puts in the time and effort to nurture a romantic relationship and grow with us.
Greta is a freelance writer who runs on coffee and cheap wine.