12 Insecurities Women Have That Most Guys Actually Love (Or Are At Least Indifferent About)

You have parts of you that you just absolutely despise and are embarrassed about. Maybe it’s the soft roll on your belly or those freckles that splatter your cheeks. You’re deeply insecure about them and worry that men think they’re gross. The funny thing is, many men actually love those things you’re feeling insecure about. Here are 12 things you may feel weird about that most dudes actually love.

  1. A soft belly Perhaps your biggest insecurity, your eyes get large when you hear that someone may actually love it. I promise, there are plenty of guys that do. Your soft belly is beautiful because all bodies are beautiful. Having fat on your body doesn’t define who you are as a person. It’s just there for the right guy to love up on it. A soft belly is a lovely belly.
  2. An obnoxious laugh You let out a snort when you really get going and that laugh of yours would wake up a whole house full of people. You know that it’s obnoxious and you’re self-conscious about it. You find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh because you hate it. Despite your feelings, I bet that most guys would find your laugh both hilarious and adorable. It’s not nearly as bad as you think it is.
  3. Stretch marks Maybe another one of your biggest insecurities, you worry about the stretch marks that line your belly and legs. You feel as if these stripes make you unlovable. Well, this is just total crap. Many guys find them endearing… because they are. At the least, they’re totally indifferent to them, making them carry much less weight than you previously thought. Plus, stretch marks are warrior paint. Don’t think anything different.
  4. Freckles These beautiful markings cover your face, but you don’t see them as beautiful at all. You feel as if they’re ugly coverings that no one would ever find attractive. To the contrary, many dudes think that freckles are absolutely adorable. They seem them as an asset, not as something to be ashamed of.
  5. Imperfect skin You worry that your guy is judging your imperfect skin. You have blemishes, bumps, and you feel your coloring is off. Rather than getting a toxic tan, though, let your skin be pale. For the most part, guys don’t mind at all. They don’t care what color you are, they’re just happy to be with you. So, let your skin do it’s thing and know that you aren’t being judged.
  6. Love handles Hanging over the side of your pants, you’re disgusted by the fat that rests on your hips. You’re so embarrassed and ashamed of the love handles, thinking that they signify a character flaw. Men, though, see them as lovely. Especially the right kind of guy, he won’t be bothered whatsoever by the size of your hips.
  7. Height Too tall, too short, choose your pain point. You may think that your height is a deterrent, but little do you know that men actually love it. If you’re really short you’re often seen as adorable and if you’re really tall you’re often seen as sexy. Don’t fret so much about this.
  8. Touching thighs Oh man, women obsess about everything. We can spend so much mental energy on what is to others a very small thing. Touching thighs is one of them. You’re determined to have a thigh gap when really your touching thighs are beautiful just as they are. Men don’t mind at all and in fact, they may even enjoy them.
  9. A bare face You’re terribly insecure about your face without makeup. You feel as though you look ugly and you don’t want anyone to see you. It’s okay to wear makeup if it’s what you like, but it becomes problematic when you refuse to ever be seen without it. Many men absolutely love women in their natural state. They’re psyched to see their girl without makeup on.
  10. Chipped nails How much money do you pour into having your nails on fleek? Again, it’s perfectly fine to want them in great condition, the program just comes when you’re terrified to have them any other way. It’s not a way to live. Most men don’t give a crap about the state of your nails, anyway. They may even find the imperfection charming.
  11. Cellulite Almost all women have cellulite, yet you still obsess over yours. You worry about how ugly it is and that it indicates you’re fat (which who the heck cares if you are). Cellulite is okay. Most men know this. They aren’t scared off by cellulite and they even embrace it.
  12. Boob shape You think that there’s one exact way to have boobs. You’ve seen too many movies and magazine covers with women who have the archetypal boob shape. The reality is, though, that there are so many different kinds of boobs. They come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s be real, men are just going to be psyched to be seeing and touching your boobs. They don’t give a crap what shape they are.
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at ginelletesta.com.