12 Internal Debates of Shopaholics

Even if you don’t list shopping as one of your top hobbies, you have probably still experienced that tug of war in your head over whether you should buy something. We all end up with the odd item in our closet that we’ll try on a couple times a year before donating it to a thrift store with the tag still on it, but it pays to think about your purchases to keep from buying too much. After all, there are plenty of reasons to put something back on the rack for the time being.

Maybe another store will have it for less.

I don’t want to buy this and then find it for half the price at the next store. I should look everywhere before I buy anything. Maybe I’ll just see if they’ll put this on hold for now…

Do I really need another pair of black leggings?

I have five pairs already. But that one pair almost has a hole in the crotch, and these ones have zippers at the ankles, they’re different!

What will I wear this with?

Can I spontaneously come up with at least four different outfit combinations using this sweater and items from my existing wardrobe? If not, it goes back on the rack.

Can I really pull off this print?

What did they say on What Not To Wear about geometric patterns? Does it make me look bigger or smaller? I can’t tell!

Maybe I should get something with a little color.

I wear too much black, grey, and tan. A pop of color for spring wouldn’t hurt. Until I feel like everyone is staring at me in my neon pink top. Maybe a navy blue would be more reasonable.

Can I wear this to work?

I used to buy outfits specifically for the bar I was planning to hit that night, but now it’s all about whether that super sexy leopard print tank top will be work appropriate if I throw a blazer over it.

The small is too small, but the medium is too big.

I’ve been eating better, so it will probably fit in a couple weeks. Or I’ll just get it tailored. Honestly though, it will hang out my closet with the tag still on it for the next year.

I can’t afford this.

But I get paid in four days, my cell phone bill isn’t due for another ten days, my roommate owes me that $21 from the Chinese food I bought three weeks ago, and my credit card isn’t quite maxed out. I’ll just pay it off later.

Is the sales girl lying to me?

It’s her job to sell this stuff no matter how ugly she thinks it is. But she’s wearing a crocheted crop top… we don’t really have the same style.

Should I text a picture to my mom?

The dressing room mirror selfie is a must. I need to know how this outfit will look in pictures if I’m are going to wear it to your boyfriend’s sister’s engagement party anyway.

Why didn’t I bring a friend?

There are some outfits that require a poll of diverse fashion senses. Are peplum dresses still in? Googling it is only getting me so far.

I’ll just come back tomorrow.

I’m going to pass for now, but if it’s still here tomorrow, then I’ll know it’s meant to be!

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