12 Kissing Styles & What They Say About Him

When it comes to intimacy, everyone places the utmost importance on sex, but it’s about so much more than that. Kissing is one of the most intimate, passionate, intense experiences you can have with another person and it also communicates a lot of unsaid feelings. You can tell a lot about a guy from how he kisses, including things like whether he likes you, how he’ll be in bed, and bits of his personality. Here are 12 common kissing styles and what they say about the guy who you’re smooching.

  1. The Peck This is one of the most popular kissing styles and one of the most innocent. It’s a simple, closed-mouth kiss that’s most often given on the cheek. It’s short, quick, and doesn’t really involve any intimacy. It’s great to get a quick peck if you’re someone’s grandma, but not if you’re someone’s supposed love interest. If he’s giving you this kind of kiss, it can mean one of two things — either he’s not really into you, or he’s really not into intimacy. Either way, it’s not good.
  2. The Octopus Smooch This kind of kiss happens when a guy basically can’t keep his hands off of you. It’s clear he wants you bad. He’s groping you, slobbering on you, and pressing his body up against yours. While it’s not always the most pleasant kiss in the world, it definitely shows that he’s into you… and that he’s probably not very experienced.
  3. The Cassanova  Of all the kissing styles, this may be one of the most romantic. This is the kind of kiss that you read about in erotica novels and romance literature. He knows he’s a good kisser and Lord knows you’re enjoying it. He’s not overly drooly or overly grabby, but at the same time, he’s still very active. This kind of kiss is just as much emotional as it is physical, and it’s a surefire sign that he’s good in bed. If you’re lucky enough to get a guy who kisses you Cassanova-style, make no mistake about it — this guy wants you as a girlfriend.
  4. The Open-Eyed Kiss This is a French kiss that has one major problem: his eyes are open the entire time. With guys who kiss like this, it’s often a sign that he doesn’t trust you. Unfortunately, the only cure for this is often to give him time or see if he’s willing to talk about it.
  5. The Forehead (Or Eyelid) Kiss If a guy you like kisses your forehead, it often means that he just sees you as a friend. However, some guys actually use it as a warm-up or do it when they feel protective over a person. Guys who give forehead kisses tend to be a lot more warm, sensitive, and nurturing than other men.
  6. Kisses On The Hand When a guy kisses your hand, he’s straight-up trying to turn up the charm. He’s trying to show that he’s traditional, or just watched one too many old-school romance movies. Most of the time, it just comes out as an awkward attempt at flirting. That being said, you should be wary of guys who kiss girls’ hands. They most often aren’t really genuine in their attempts to charm.
  7. Gentle Kiss Does the guy kissing you act as if you’re made out of glass? If he’s overly gentle, it’s often a sign that he’s nervous and that he’s trying to restrain himself. He also might be a bit insecure about his position with you, so you might want to give him some encouragement.
  8. The Vampire Kiss Is he acting a little like Edward Cullen? Is he chomping down on your neck like a beginner vampire? Well, more often than not, this kiss is done as a playful tease or as a precursor to rough sex. If he does this on the regular, it’s very likely that he’s into BDSM — or a big fan of Twilight.
  9. The Neck Kiss Whew! Now, this is one erotic and romantic type of kiss! When a guy’s kissing your neck without biting, it means that he wants you – and that he wants you right now. Men who prefer neck kisses to typical mouth kisses may be afraid of actual emotional intimacy, though, so take note if he does this more than actual French kisses.
  10. The Sloppy Kiss This isn’t quite as over-the-top as an Octopus Kiss, but you still have to wipe your mouth every time he does it to you. When a guy does this, there’s no question about him being into you. However, he’s really inexperienced with kissing and doesn’t really have much awareness of how it’s affecting you. If you do date him or sleep with him, don’t be surprised if that lack of concern or lack of experience gets in the way of having fun.
  11. The Closed Mouth Kiss Well, you two are kissing mouth to mouth… but there’s no tongue. Unless you have seriously bad breath, this is often a sign that the guy isn’t really interested in you (or that you’re a terrible kisser). If he is interested in you, it may be a sign that he tends to be a bit on the old-fashioned or even prudish side of things. Either way, expect him to be restrained if he does this.
  12. The Goofy Kiss Whether it’s blowing a kiss or just making a weird kissy face, the answer is the same – this is a guy who wants you to laugh. He’s snarky and to a point, he might even feel like it’ll be his sense of humor that wins you over. If you want to win this guy over, goof off with him and laugh at his jokes.

There will be some kissing styles you gel with more than others and some that you really don’t like at all. The best thing you can do is experiment, lock lips as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to have fun.

What makes a great kiss, regardless of kissing styles

Kisses come in all shapes and forms, as discussed above, and no one is better than another really – it all depends on your preference. However, there are some qualities all kisses have in common that make them pleasurable and memorable to those doing them.

  1. Being in the moment We’re always so sidetracked in life that we very rarely stay in the moment so that we can experience it fully. That’s why it’s so much better when you’re fully in a kiss. You’re not thinking about work, wondering if you should check your Instagram feed, or anything else. You’re just there, locking lips with someone you really like, and it’s amazing.
  2. Changing up your position Of all the kissing styles, one of the most painful has to be the robot. This is when the person you’re kissing tilts their head to one side to start with… and then stays there. You can never really switch up the method or ramp up the intensity because they just. won’t. move. A great kisser knows to move back and forth, to allow a little flow to develop.
  3. Knowing when to hold back and when to give more There’s nothing hotter when making out with someone than mastering the art of the tease. Those little nibbles on their bottom lip before pulling back, then coming back in for something hot and heavy are just the best. During a great kiss, both people know when to go in for more and when to pull back.
  4. Giving positive feedback to your kissing partner If you love something your partner is doing during a kiss, tell them! A little positive feedback goes a long way. Verbalize what you love about the way they’re kissing you and if there’s something you’d like them to switch up, you can help guide them by moving their head with your hands or asking in your coyest voice. They’ll likely be glad to respond.
  5. Responding to your partner’s body language When you’re kissing someone, it’s not all about you – it’s about how the two of you move together. A great kisser lets their body do its own thing by “listening” to and reacting to their partner’s. Chances are, if the chemistry is right, this isn’t even something you’ll have to give much thought to. It’ll come naturally, and you’ll never want to stop making out.
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a New Jersey based writer and editor with bylines in Mashed, Newsbreak, Good Men Project, YourTango, and many more. She’s also the author of a safe travel guide for LGBTQIA+ people available on Amazon.

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