12 Men Share The Non-Physical Attributes That Make Them Immediately Interested In A Woman

There are many elements that determine whether or not you’re attracted to someone, and while looks certainly play a part, they’re not the whole story. So what do guys really go for? Here are some of the non-physical attributes in women that really get them going.

  1. “A good sense of humor.” “A woman who’s able to laugh at my jokes and ‘get’ my humor is a HUGE factor in whether I’m interested in someone or not. I like a girl who isn’t afraid of being super sarcastic and loves relentlessly making fun of me (in a nice way, of course). The worst relationship I ever had was with a super attractive girl who I don’t think understood what a joke was.” — Dave, 19
  2. “Intelligence. In my experience, it isn’t that difficult to figure out what’s going on in someone’s head.” “I need to be with someone who has some level of deep, academic thinking. You don’t necessarily need to be going to MIT or anything, but I want to see a mind at work. I’m a professional researcher in a STEM field, so if I talk about my work at home and just get uninterested stares in return, I’d be pretty upset. I need someone to share deep, intellectual thoughts with—or someone who’s at least interested in learning about my field and work.” — Josh, 26
  3. “Mine might not be super relevant, but good dancing skills.” “I love professional swing dancing, and if my partner couldn’t go with me, that’d be a real bummer. Luckily, my current partner has competed professionally as a dancer, so that’s top shelf for me.” — Sam, 30
  4. “I dunno, just someone who’s compassionate.” “We live in such a jaded, harsh world that gets so discouraging. I wouldn’t want to invite that into my life in a relationship. I want someone who cares about people and who treats people kindly. I don’t know, I just think it’s so ugly to be unkind to people.” — Aiden, 19
  5. “Someone with a lot of cash.” “We’re allowed to be honest, right?” — Cory, 24
  6. “Someone who’s fun to talk to.” “I want to be with someone who’s a good conversationalist and can talk about a ton of different things. Any sign of awkward silence is a real turnoff to me, but what’s even worse is someone who doesn’t engage with a conversation I’m initiating. I like to talk, but I don’t want to be the person doing all the talking.” — Jeff, 21
  7. “A good driver.” “I feel like I have a deeper level of trust for someone who knows how to operate a car, haha. I know it’s a little dumb, but I can’t get over the fact that 20 and 30-year-olds literally cannot functionally operate a vehicle.” — Matt, 28
  8. “A biting sarcasm.” “I could never be with a girl who couldn’t understand and dish out incredible sarcasm. It’s literally how I cope with every painful, disappointing, and stupid situation. If I was being sarcastic and she didn’t get it, I would probably just end the relationship right there. Just kidding. Maybe.” — Luis, 18
  9. “Ambition. I want to be living it up someday—I need someone who feels the same way and is willing to work for things.” “I’m an entrepreneur and work really long days and weekends. I need to find a girlfriend who understands that I’m not ignoring her, I’m just following my dreams. Ideally, she would have big projects of her own that took up a lot of time. My last relationship ended because I wasn’t able to respond to texts all the time, and that’s just the way it is, I guess.” — Ezra, 26
  10. “Someone who’s super political.” “I volunteer on political campaigns all the time and want to talk about the news and current events. Not sure I could live with someone who was totally disinterested in the future of the world. I don’t know, you don’t have to want to run for President or something, but I do want someone who’s interested in talking about government and culture. Also, I definitely couldn’t be with someone who [doesn’t share my political beliefs].” — Craig, 23
  11. “Being introverted is definitely mine.”I’m not super outgoing and kinda just want someone to watch movies with me and to hang around reading books together. I only like going out or going to parties every once in a while, so if my girlfriend wanted to do that a lot, I’m not sure how it would work…” — Nelson, 22
  12. “Is age considered a physical trait? Either way, that’s what I’m saying.” “I really want to be with someone who’s older and more mature. I’m tired of dating girls who are all about the drama of dating and just want to be with new people all the time. I want someone who’s already dated around, is done with that, and now wants something serious.” — Omar, 25
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