12 Reasons Your Best Friend Is More Important Than Your Boyfriend

Who says the most important relationship in your life has to be a romantic one? You and your girlfriends are partners for life and the connection you share is truly special. Having a boyfriend is a nice perk, but nothing sustains you like the connection you have with your BFF. She offers so much that no one else can.

  1. She knows you better than anyone else. Your best friend has probably been around for longer than your boyfriend, so she’s familiar with all of your quirks. She knows what it takes to make you smile and she also knows how to make you angry—and she’ll avoid it at all costs. She’s an expert when it comes to your moods and sometimes you might even wonder if she’s psychic.
  2. She doesn’t get jealous. Since your relationship isn’t exclusive, you and your best friend can make new friends together or separately based on your different interests. She’ll respect your other relationships as well as your privacy. You’ll never catch her going through your phone to ensure that you haven’t been texting anyone else.
  3. She doesn’t expect anything in return for her kindness. Your best friend brings you soup when you’re sick, buys you ice cream when you’re sad, and takes you to dinner when you need a confidence boost. You don’t even have to ask. Still, she never insists that you pay her back with anything other than a “thank you” and a big hug.
  4. You feel comfortable around her. You can be your truest self when you’re with your best friend and she won’t judge you for it. In fact, she loves who you are when you aren’t trying. The etiquette of dating is exhausting and sometimes you just need to hang out at home in your sweat pants and eat junk food. Your best friend loves when you snort while laughing, so why hold back?
  5. She’s honest with you. Boyfriends seem to think that there’s a rule against telling you that you’re wrong, but best friends love you enough to give you the hard truth when you need it the most, whether it’s about your attitude or the shoes you’re thinking of buying. She’ll be there to give you advice when you ask for it and she won’t sugarcoat the truth.
  6. She understands what it’s like to be a woman. Have you ever tried complaining about mansplaining to your boyfriend? Whatever annoying harassment you experience on the street, in a bar, or at work, she’s probably been through it too. In addition, she’ll never talk down to you because she knows you are just as smart, strong, and capable as any man.
  7. She’ll do fun, girly things with you. Most boyfriends flinch when they hear the word “manicure.” They’re worried that going shopping or watching a romantic comedy will ruin their man cred. What’s worse, some guys will make fun of you for liking the finer things in life. Thankfully, your best friend knows better than anyone that there is nothing more relaxing than having a spa night at home.
  8. She’s a great listener. Your best friend respects that you know what you are talking about so she will always hear you out. You can vent to her about anything without worrying that she’ll judge you or betray your trust. And because she knows you so well, when you are having a hard time expressing yourself, she’ll be able to read between the lines.
  9. She’s seen you at your worst. Your best friend knows what you looked like in your awkward phase because she was probably your Facebook friend before you purged your embarrassing photos. She’ll hold your hair back if you are throwing up and she’ll stop you from texting your loser ex when he’s in town. When you act petty, instead of judging you for it, she asks how she can help.
  10. She knows what you’re capable of at your best. Your best friend sees your potential better than anyone else. When your self-esteem is low she reminds you how beautiful and powerful you truly are. She wants to watch you succeed and she somehow always knows exactly how to help you do that.
  11. She shows you physical affection without expecting sex. She’ll cuddle you on the couch all night while you watch Netflix but you’ll never feel pressured to do anything else—except maybe scratch that itch on her back. She also probably knows how to braid hair like a pro.
  12. She’s not afraid of commitment. Your best friend is in it for the long run—not because she’s “whipped” or financially dependent on you. She wants to be there to help you grow and thrive. You’ve already learned a lot in your time together and you are bound to see each other through much more.
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