12 Reasons Dating a Mama’s Boy Is Annoying AF!

If you think that being compared to other women on the dating scene is tough, try living up to his mother. Dating a mama’s boy isn’t only annoying, it’s downright impossible sometimes.

  1. He’ll constantly compare you with his mother and not in a loving way. From the way you cook to the way you fold your laundry, he’ll have an opinion based on the way his mother does things. As if that’s not already annoying enough, he’ll most likely want you to change your ways and do things like she does them.
  2. You can ask him to do something a thousand times and he’ll never get around to it but as soon as his mom asks, it’s sorted. Even if you have plans or are in the middle of doing something when she calls it will be his top priority and he will do whatever she asks. So, just stew on that when he is gone at her beck-and-call while you stare at the picture on the floor in your living room that you asked him to hang up four months ago.
  3. There’s no privacy in your relationship because his mother is way too involved in his life. If he’s a grown man you are a grown man and his mom still has access to his bank account and pays his cell phone bill, there are serious problems. If she has that kind of access, just know that she’s most likely able to read your text messages and see any pictures sent to his phone. Not to mention that if she has that much control over his life, it’s only a matter of time before she starts trying to control yours too.
  4. He’ll take his mother’s side over yours and defend her every time. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to work out your problems while he makes her out to be a saint who can do no wrong. He’ll constantly see you as the problem and turn a blind eye to everything that his mother’s doing wrong.
  5. When things get tough, all he does is whine and complain. A mama’s boy doesn’t usually come to the rescue and save the day. He makes the problem worse by whining the entire time. He doesn’t know how to deal with anything because his mom always handled everything for him, so when he’s sick, for instance, he’s the biggest pain in the butt.
  6. He’s immature because he’s been allowed to be. A mama’s boy has never had to grow up. He may think it’s totally normal to never get a real job and play Xbox all day in his boxers with a huge bowl of Lucky Charms in his lap because it’s what he’s always done. Guys already mature at a slower rate than women and the last thing you want is one who’s even further behind.
  7. He’s completely self-centered because he’s been coddled his entire life.  This guy literally thinks that the world revolves around him. You’ll have to go out of your way to do ridiculous things to make him feel like you really care. Not in a cute, “I left a sexy note on your desk at the office” way, but more of an “I fixed your favorite milkshake while you take your oatmeal bath for psoriasis” way. Not cute.
  8. Lazy is literally his middle name—he does next to nothing for himself. Sick of those boxers hitting the ground next to the laundry bin? Welcome to the club! He expects you to do everything for him. You’ll have to pick up behind him like he is a child. Oh, and don’t be surprised if he waits the entire day to eat a good meal because he was waiting for you to get home and cook it for him… yes, seriously.
  9. His mom thinks she has the right to stop by your place unannounced whenever she feels like it. This is total BS. The last thing you need is someone coming and going as they please in your house, which you’re probably paying for anyway if you’re dating a mama’s boy. He certainly isn’t paying his share, that’s for sure.
  10. He’s probably terrible in bed. Due to his rather sensitive nature, he’s not very aggressive when it comes to sex, which can be a huge disappointment. He probably lacks real confidence in himself because his mom isn’t there to tell him he’s doing a good job and pat him on the back. If you want good sex, you should probably look elsewhere.
  11. He’ll tell his mom things about you that are very personal and not think it’s weird at all. He probably has a very open line of communication with his mom and they talk all the time. He’ll tell her whatever he wants, regardless of how personal or inappropriate, and totally not get why it’s wrong. You often end up super embarrassed when you realize the things he’s told her but he doesn’t understand why you’re so wound up about it.
  12. If you want to marry him, it’ll be a struggle to take him away from his beloved mommy. This is where the monster-in-law comes out. Especially if she actually likes you, you have a long miserable life ahead of you constantly competing for his love and attention. She’ll already have the upper hand because he’ll never believe that she’s as vindictive as she really is. He’ll also hate that his future wife and mother don’t get along. If that doesn’t get you the boot, just consider that someday she’ll be old and he’ll want her to live with you. Great.
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