12 Reasons Not To Jump Into A Relationship Around The Holidays

12 Reasons Not To Jump Into A Relationship Around The Holidays ©iStock/Mkovalevskaya

Being alone during the holidays can be downright depressing, especially if your mom and grandma are giving you crap for being boyfriend-less for the third year in a row. Plus, ‘tis the season for endless holiday parties and dinners, where basically everyone seems to have a date to bring along. At least you can always get intimate with the dessert table, right? But as lonely as going coach the entire holiday season may seem, it’s a whole lot better than jumping into a relationship right now. Here’s why you should hold off on finding love for now:

  1. He’ll likely have to meet your family way too soon. Introducing a new guy to your parents can be bad enough, but if you bring your new man to a holiday function, there’s a big chance he’ll have to meet your entire family. Yes, that includes your mad aunt. Are you really ready for that?
  2. You’ll have to meet his family. The only thing worse than being judged by his parents for a night is being judged by his entire family. Chances are they’ll love you, but it’s still quite the commitment, and one that most couples wait a while before making. If you’re still learning about your guy, it may be too soon to learn about his entire pack.
  3. You’ll have to buy him presents. Money is always tight during the holiday season, so the last thing you need is a new gift to worry about purchasing. Buying the right present for your mom can be tough enough. Just think about buying a present for the new guy in your life that you’re still figuring out. That stressful shopping experience is better off avoided. Save the money and spend it on yourself instead.
  4. Do you really know him well enough to invite him to a party with all of your coworkers? It’s uncomfortable enough partying with your boss and senior executives that you’re still trying to impress. There’s nothing like a little alcohol to help you do something embarrassing that you may regret for an entire year. If you don’t know a guy that well yet, you may not know how he’ll act under the influence at a high profile party. For the sake of your future career, it might be better to just ride solo.
  5. You can always bring a friend. Going out with your best guy friend is always a ton of fun without any commitment. Besides, you can’t flirt with the cute bartender if you are with a date and not a friend. Just try to stay away from the mistletoe before it gets awkward.
  6. The honeymoon stage will get cut short. One of the best parts about getting into a new relationship is going through your ‘firsts’ together. If you start dating a new guy during the holidays, you could end up meeting his parents, giving him his first gift, and pooping in the same room as him all in the same day. That’s just way too much, too fast.
  7. You may not feel comfortable enough to pig out in front of him yet. Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving – sound the feast! Holidays are the time to stuff your face and get seconds on deserts, filling the belly without filling yourself with regrets. Don’t let any guy slow down your holiday feasting. You’ve been waiting all year for this, so do it right.
  8. You’ll have to go to all of his events, as well. Talk about overdoing the holiday season. You have enough events to attend on your own. You don’t need more in your life.
  9. You wont be able to re-wear your outfits. If you’re attending multiple holiday parties with completely separate groups, you can shamelessly wear that fabulous cocktail dress that cost you a fortune multiple times. You look fabulous in it, after all, so show it off! If you bring the same date along to all the parties, there’s no way you can pull off wearing the same outfit. Now that’s a lot of holiday outfits.
  10. There’s a lot of pressure to get serious too fast. Meeting the parents or high school friends should happen organically, not because it’s the holidays and you’re expected to join him at all functions. There’ll be much less pressure in January, so why rush?
  11. You might regret getting involved after the holiday season is over. The holiday season is super busy. It feels like all you have time to do is work, decorate, shop, cook, and party. It’s easy to keep the conversation going with a new guy if there’s always something new to talk about. You may realize you have nothing in common as soon as things slow down.
  12. Riding solo is awesome. There’s no pressure, no stress, and no one holding you back from two helpings of pumpkin pie. The holidays are about your closest friends and family. Don’t bring a guy into that intimate of a situation unless you can seriously see a future with him.
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