12 Reasons You’re Never Too Old For Sleepovers With Your Girlfriends

Sleepovers were a weekly affair when we were younger because what else are you supposed to do as a teenager? However, now that I’m in my late 20s, my girlfriends and I still love a good slumber party. Here’s why it’s just as fun to pull an overnighter with your BFFs these days as it used to be when we were kids:

  1. The older we get, the more girl time we need. Now that we’re dating, married, working or raising kids, we need girl time more than ever. Life continues to take us on a rollercoaster ride, but the ride is much sweeter when you can share your wins and losses with girlfriends.
  2. Sleepovers are a great way to celebrate an occasion. Why make a special occasion last only a few hours? My girlfriends and I have been doing sleepovers for holidays, bridal showers and baby showers for years now. Having the extra time together allows us to catch up and fully “shower” a girlfriend without having to rush. (Plus, we’re excited for when the little ones can join our sleepovers!)
  3. Refreshments get better when you’re older. Alcohol can be endless at adult sleepovers, so say goodbye to the lemonade and bring on the champagne! My friends and I also love doing potlucks at our sleepovers. With everyone’s temporary diets or new-found dietary restrictions in adulthood, the recipes are always exciting and delicious. At our most recent sleepover, we even made a few dessert recipes that one of our friend’s mom used to make when we were in high school. It was a total trip down memory lane.
  4. It’s a great way to stay in touch with close girlfriends. Sometimes our close friends don’t live nearby and it can be difficult to see each other regularly while keeping up with life. A sleepover is a great way to get extended quality time with girlfriends you don’t see often. After all, it’s about quality time, not quantity, right?
  5. The conversation is way better now. Our experiences as women give us so much to talk about now, like sexual encounters, heartbreak, Botox, horrible bosses, and the ups and downs of pregnancy. I love sharing my experiences with my girlfriends and learning from theirs. Add in some gossip, celebrity news, and trending fads and the conversation is endless and no topic is off the table (except for politics—I don’t recommend talking politics when you’re trying to have a good time).
  6. You’ll make fantastic memories. Some of my best memories with my girlfriends are from our adult sleepovers. One particular memory that comes to mind is when we were soaking in the hot tub, drinking champagne and taking turns giving heartfelt compliments to each other. It’s one of my favorite memories because it reminds me how genuine, passionate and supportive these ladies are—even if we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like.
  7. You get to turn normal games into drinking games. Everything is better with alcohol, especially games. It’s fun to turn normal games into drinking games or to set some drinking rules at the beginning of the evening. What’s a great way for a girlfriend to get over an ex? Make her take a sip every time she mentions his name! Or, pick a word that all your girlfriends use and make it off limits. If you say it, that’s a drink!
  8. Hanging out with old friends helps you stay grounded. Spending time with girlfriends who have known you forever is good for the soul. There’s just something beautiful about watching your girlfriends find themselves while seeing that they haven’t changed all that much and vice versa.
  9. There are no rules. When you have adult sleepovers with your girlfriends, there are no rules. If you want to go streaking at 2 a.m., no one’s going to stop you. In fact, you’ll probably be encouraged and your friends will likely have Snapchat on standby.
  10. It’s the ultimate ladies’ night in. If you ask me, the ultimate ladies’ night in is when you don’t have to drive or Uber home afterward. A sleepover can be whatever you want it to be— laid-back, themed, or fancy. (Because we don’t get dressed up for men, we get dressed up for our damn selves.)
  11. There’s no need for a designated driver. When you stay in and have a sleepover, no one gets crowned with the title of designated driver. Instead, everyone gets to enjoy themselves and partake in the fun. Surely there are fewer ways to get into trouble if you’re staying in, right?
Lauren Hamilton is a blogger and a freelance communications strategist and writer. She's the voice behind www.modwife.co, where she writes about relationships, personal growth and feminine lifestyles. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and their feisty dog. Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/laurenbhamilton