12 Signs He’s Sexually Attracted to You

He likes you and you seem to have good chemistry, but how do you know if your connection is platonic or if he’s basically undressing you with his eyes every time he looks your way? Here are 12 signs that he’s sexually attracted to you so you can figure out if you feel the same.

  1. He’s awkward as hell around you. It’s so cute when a guy blushes, becomes clumsy around you or stutters even though he’s usually so smooth. It’s more than cute – it’s a sign that he’s sexually attracted to you. Hey, it’s hard for his brain to work properly when all the blood in his body is heading south.
  2. He’s super playful. A guy who teases you a lot is trying to get you into the playful realm. Of course, you don’t want to feel like his teasing is toxic, but if it feels good and you can see he’s enjoying the reaction he’s getting out of you, it’s a sign of attraction. Throw in some flirts and the convo will be popping with sexiness.
  3. He does “the lean.” You know when he hugs you but his entire body leans closer? You know when you’re sitting at a table and he keeps leaning towards you as though there’s loud music and he’s straining to hear you? He’s finding any reason to get closer to you.
  4. He always touches you. If he brushes against your arm during conversation or moves hair out of your eyes, those are all signs that he’s keen to get closer to you. He’s also testing the waters, trying to make sure that his interest is reciprocated. Most importantly, his touch doesn’t feel like he’s crossing a line.
  5. He stares into your soul. When a guy is sexually attracted to you, he’ll make eye contact with you, but it won’t feel like the regular kind. It will feel like he’s staring straight into your soul. He might even get a dazed expression on his face as though he’s stuck in a daydream. Yup, you’re probably in it.
  6. He notices your body. If he’s thinking sexy thoughts, he’s probably going to show it by looking at your body. So, when you walk in wearing a figure-hugging dress, he’ll stare at you appreciatively and maybe even look a little flustered.
  7. He’s obsessed with your lips. If, while you’re talking, the guy is always staring at your lips or biting his lip while he stares at you, then those are good signs that he’s thinking sexy thoughts. He’s probably dying to kiss you. Bonus points if he compliments your lipstick or tells you he likes your lips.
  8. He stands or sits closer to you. When you’re out with him, the air feels so electrically charged that it’s like you’re always gravitating towards each other without even trying to. That’s a sure sign of natural chemistry. So, when you take your seat at a table, he’ll sit next to you. Or, when you’re standing around at a party, he’ll make sure to stand right beside you and maybe rest your elbow against yours.
  9. He lingers after a hug. When there’s sexual tension, it will be hard to move away from the person, like after you’ve shared a hug with them. So, a guy who’s keen on taking things to the bedroom will hold you close even after you’ve pulled away.
  10. He’s always fixing himself. If it seems like the guy’s always fixing his hair or straightening his tie when he’s around you, this could be because he feels like he wants to up his game and look his best around you. It could also be that all the sexual tension is making him fidget.
  11. His eyes reveal that he’s aroused. When you’re talking to a guy you find attractive and some flirting is going on, check his eyes. Are his pupils dilated? This is a clear sign that he’s aroused.
  12. He gets quiet. You know that weird thing that happens sometimes when you feel a connection with someone: you become quiet. It might make you worry that he feels uncomfortable or you’ve lost the momentum of your conversation, but it could be that he’s trying to change the atmosphere so that he can move in for a kiss. After all, you can’t have a passionate smooching session if you’re busy yakking away all night long.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.