12 Signs He’s Still On Dating Apps Even If He Says He’s Not

Are you worried that your new guy is still on dating apps even though he’s told you he’s done with them and you’re the one for him? If you pick up on any of these red flags, you’re probably right.

  1. His text messages are always deleted. If you happen to look at his phone (hey, no judgment!) and all his texting history is cleared out, this might be a red flag. Sure, he may just like to keep his phone organized, but it raises suspicions that he doesn’t want you to see who he’s texting or what he’s texting them.
  2. He has a ton of women in his contact list. And they’re all listed with the name of the dating app he met them on: Maddie-Match. Julie-Tinder. Heather-Hinge. Bonus points if there are multiple girls with the same name and he has to list features to tell them apart. Is it not time to delete these girls since he’s supposedly with you? He has 200+ people in his contacts!
  3. He’s not responding to you but you can see that he’s online. If he leaves you on read but his status is still “active” on several messaging apps or social media, he’s clearly talking to other people. Maybe it’s just his friends or family… or maybe its not. Maybe he’s texting Julie from Tinder. Or Maddie from Match.
  4. He keeps his phone on lockdown. It’s not only just on silent, it’s on silent silent—it doesn’t even vibrate when he gets an alert. It’s usually face down on the table, there’s a passcode on it that you don’t know, and he keeps it with him all the time. He never sets it down and walks off to do anything but instead it’s always in his pocket. The only time he checks his phone is when you’re in the bathroom.
  5. He doesn’t make plans for the future. If he isn’t willing to commit to your backyard BBQ next weekend or your weekend trip in a few weeks but doesn’t have other plans, he might still be considering his options. Maybe you should consider your options too.
  6. He has selfies in his phone that he didn’t send to you. Most guys don’t take selfies just for themselves, so if he didn’t post it on social media, why did he take it? Was it so that he could send it to someone else? Let’s be honest, it was his new Tinder profile pic.
  7. His profile picture on social media isn’t of the two of you. It’s still just him and his dog and for some reason, he won’t change it to that cute picture you guys took together at the park last weekend even though he said he would. What’s up with that?
  8. His relationship status is still single. If he’s still advertising himself as single on social media, you have to wonder why. Even if he isn’t big on announcing he’s in a relationship, why wouldn’t he just hide his relationship status altogether? Why would you want to look single if you aren’t?
  9. You don’t always know where he is. You don’t have to have a detailed itinerary of his day to day activities, but if you haven’t seen him in three days and you have no idea what he’s been doing, he may be spending time with someone else. Someone he met on Bumble, perhaps?
  10. He takes pictures of just himself or of himself and his friends even though you’re right next to him. Um, hello? Did you just snap a selfie on our date? A little strange, don’t you think? What’s he going to do with that picture? (Spoiler: He’s putting it on eHarmony.)
  11. His phone is constantly dead. Maybe it’s dead because he’s on it all the time or maybe he’s lying—who knows? If he claims that he can’t be in touch because he has no battery, he either needs a new iPhone or some new lies.
  12. You find him on a dating app. Obviously, if his profile is still active on a dating app, he’s probably still on it. It’s possible he forgot to delete it, but a lot of apps will tell you when a person was last active. Another clue? The pictures he has in the app are pictures he’s taken since you’ve been together. Remember, always believe the technology, not the liar. He does know how that picture got there and he didn’t forget to delete his profile. Give me a break.
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