12 Signs That You And Your Partner Are A “Power Couple”

12 Signs That You And Your Partner Are A “Power Couple” ©iStock/EmirMemedovski

Everyone wants to be a part of a classic duo but few actually get to experience it. Power couples are the perfect combination of natural ability and hard work. Do you think you and your partner have what it takes to be the next Barack and Michelle? Here are a few classic signs that you and your guy may have the potential to be power couple material:

  1. People tell you so. Has a friend ever rolled her eyes at the sheer awesomeness of your relationship but followed up with a genuine compliment about how lucky the two of you are? If you’ve had multiple friends or family members express to you that they love how you and your guy just seem to fit, you might be a part of a power couple.
  2. Your friends come to you for relationship advice. Power couples exude confidence and other people want to know where it comes from. If you’re the go-to gal for serious relationship advice, it’s because your friends look up to the example you and your partner have set.
  3. You’re grateful (almost) every day. You and your guy may be a power couple, but you’re both still human. You won’t always have perfect days. That being said, you and your guy find new reasons to be thankful for each other’s presence in surprising ways. It may be the way you support each other or the way you can make each other double over in laughter. Typically, you feel self-satisfied and fulfilled with your life at the end of the day and your partner is a big reason for it.
  4. Your Facebook blows up when you post a picture of the two of you. You know that couple that shares every excruciating detail of their lives on social media? You know the ones that clearly stage their sappy photos to fool the world into thinking their lives are perfect? That’s definitely not you and your partner. You and your guy don’t overshare, and when you do choose to share snippets of your life, people eat it up because they’re genuinely interested and happy for you.
  5. You’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. You and your guy go out of your way to make sure you both feel fulfilled in your personal lives and your professional lives. You support each other’s life decisions and actively prop each other up.
  6. You make the big decisions together. You and your guy trust each other to handle important decisions on your own, but the life-changing ones are always made together. You respect each other enough to know any decision that could potentially affect the two of you in the future is a decision that warrants a serious conversation and plenty of teamwork.
  7. You never worry about outside influences. Your relationship is solid and you know it. You don’t bother worrying about your guy’s pretty, ambitious co-worker and your partner doesn’t worry about your obnoxious ex-boyfriend that texts you every time he’s drunk. You have each other and you have each other’s trust — that will always be enough.
  8. Your accomplishments are his accomplishments. As a power couple, you and your guy view yourselves as a team. When one of you reaches a new landmark at work or meets a long-term goal, it’s a point of pride for the both of you. You and your guy are close enough that his accomplishments feel like your accomplishments and vice versa.
  9. You know when it’s time to “wear the pants.” Power couples have the motions of give and take down to a science. You both have strengths and you complement each other well, but you also know when it’s your time to shine. You don’t step on each other’s toes and you don’t allow pride to get in the way when you or your significant other needs to take charge.
  10. The party gets noticeably better when you walk in. Just because you and your guy are a known power couple doesn’t mean the two of you are all business and no pleasure. You can walk into a social situation hand-in-hand with your partner and leave the party better than you found it. You and your boyfriend have a way of making sure no one ever feels like the third wheel, but you always save the last dance for your one and only.
  11. You put each other first. You and your guy have figured out what’s important in life. You both have responsibilities, but you’d drop everything for your significant other if the situation warranted it.
  12. Your friends and family are rooting for you. One thing is for sure — you and your partner make each other better as people and those that are closest to you have taken notice. Strangers may get jealous and feel the need to tear you down, but your friends and family make it clear that they hope the two of you are in this for the long haul.
Jessica is a proud Pittsburgher that loves to drink tea and adopt cats in her spare time. She is a self-proclaimed Slytherin and would like to visit Harry Potter World as soon as possible!