12 Signs The ‘Single’ Guy You’re Talking To Is Actually In A Relationship

The guy you’re dating is exactly what you’re looking for, but there’s one little problem. You can’t just seem to shake that feeling in your gut that he already has a girlfriend waiting for him back at his place when he’s out on a date with you. Here are the signs the “single” guy you’re into is actually in a relationship already.

He has to work all the time in his spare time. Damn, is the guy a workaholic or something? It seems like he’s always working. While it’s cool that he’s so ambitious and hard-working, you can’t help but wonder if he’s lying when he tells you he has to head back to the office after your Sunday brunch. Hmmm.

He won’t take you to your favorite mexican restaurant across town. While you might suggest heading over to some of your favorite places across town when brainstorming fun places for dates, he’ll always suggest something else. You’ve noticed that he specifically does this when you suggest going further afield. It should make you wonder why you guys don’t have free reign of the city. If he’s keeping you in a certain area, then maybe he doesn’t want you to run into anyone he knows.

He has a special friend. Does he always mention one “friend”? Does she come up a lot, even though he’s quick to dismiss her as his bestie or someone he works with? If she’s always coming up, then you might start to wonder if he’s actually dating her but he just doesn’t want to tell you because it will ruin whatever it is you have together.

He only wants sex when you’re together. Does it feel like your dates always end up in sex? While that might be fun, at some point you’re going to wonder why he’s so much keener on having sex than having real, deep conversations. Is he keen on building intimacy with you that’s not just limited to physical attraction, or is he only getting certain things from you because he’s getting all those other needs fulfilled by his girlfriend?

He wants to take things super-slow. Taking thing slow is sometimes refreshing, right? It shows you that the guy’s not just keen to get what he wants from you and bounce, but that he doesn’t want to mess things up by jumping in too fast. That’s fine and well, but it should raise alarm bells for you if he’s taking things so slowly that it’s like you guys are coming to a stop. He might be doing this because he’s still entangled with his current girlfriend or he’s just not sure how to proceed, meanwhile he’s wasting your time.

He gets anxious when you run into his friends. If you do end up running into his friends when you’re out together, pay attention to how the guy behaves. Does he act cool and introduce you confidently? That’s good. What’s not so good is if he gets all nervous and weird, and perhaps even completely ignores you. He’s acting busted, and it could be that he knows his friends are wondering, “Who’s she and why isn’t he with his girlfriend?”

More signs this guy isn’t single after all

He gets irritable when you talk about the future. You might want to be sure that the guy’s going to stick around and have a real future with you, but every time you try to pick his mind about where he sees the relationship going, he shuts down or becomes short with you. He might be getting irritated because he doesn’t want to talk about heavy stuff, and that could be because he’s already planning a future with someone else.

He’s quite fussy about his schedule. Does he only see you on weekends? Does he only manage to fit in a date with you on a Friday night, but then he’s got to rush off because he has other “commitments”? If you’ve been dating for a few weeks and he’s still squeezing you into his schedule – a schedule which he can never seem to shift around for you – that’s a red flag that something’s going on with him.

His social media is quite private. When you try to connect with him on social media, does he seem open to the idea, or do you get the feeling that he doesn’t want to? Maybe he’s trying to keep his social media private because he’s got a whole other life on there. Don’t be fooled by a guy who accepts your Facebook friend request, either. check that you can see all elements of his timeline ’cause he might be hiding some things from you, like his friend list which is super easy to hide.

He never answers his phone. While he’s always ready to chat via text, when you try to call him on the phone he just ignores you altogether. This is a big red flag that he could have someone else in his life. If you’re on the sidelines of his life, it’s easier for him to chat via text than if he has to have actual voice chats with you. You never know who could be in the background eavesdropping…

He’s never around for the holidays. If you’re dating someone and things feel real, you’re naturally going to want to spend the holidays with them. It’s not cool if he’s never around for the holidays. He might go off the dating grid or just make excuses about being with his family. That might be true, but have you even mingled with his family? Yikes.

He’d rather chill at your place. Have you seen the guy’s place yet? No, even though you’ve been dating for weeks or months? If you haven’t, or you’ve only been given a super-fast tour, like once, that’s a huge red flag. It might seem convenient that he always wants to hang out at your place, but it’s not cool if it’s starting to feel like it’s the only place where he can hide out from his life for a while.

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