12 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Netflix

Is there anything better than Netflix? It’s got something for every mood you find yourself in. If you’re feeling sad, Netflix will cheer you up; if you’re bored, Netflix cures it. Without realizing it, you end up in an accidental relationship with Netflix itself, and it’s almost better than an actual boyfriend. Here’s why:

  1. You can’t wait to see Netflix at the end of a long, hard work day. You’re always elated for that moment you get home from another grueling day at work to kick up your feet and spend quality chill time with your favorite shows or movies. Netflix always lets you choose exactly what you want to watch, even if it’s that episode of The Walking Dead you’ve already seen a dozen times.
  2. You schedule real time in your day to spend with Netflix. You know that a commitment requires genuine effort, and you’re never going to get through Season 4 of House of Cards if you don’t make the time. Netflix is always there for you when you need it, and you want to offer the same in return.
  3. You love when Netflix asks you if you’re still watching. This was the first time stuff got real in your relationship with Netflix. It asked you a very personal question about what you’re doing with your life, to which you responded with, “Continue watching” because you’re serious about keeping the romance alive.
  4. You never have dinner without Netflix. You’re starving, and even though you likely devour your meal before an episode recap plays out, you’re still considerate of your partnership and you wait until you’re at least in it’s company before you chow down.
  5. You buy pajamas and onesies for the sole purpose of “Netflix time.” When you buy new PJs, you instantly think about “Netflix comfort” because that stuff is important to your well-being. Even though Netflix will never judge you for watching in unwashed week-old sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt, you have more pride than that.
  6. You’ve never experienced real “Netflix and chill.” To you, Netflix and chill is a pretty simple concept. You watch Netflix, and you chill — end of story. Netflix doesn’t try to get in your pants. Netflix is respectful.
  7. You don’t share your Netflix password with anyone. Giving someone your password? Ha! No way. You’re monogamous with Netflix and you’re not into threesomes.
  8. You’d never think about cancelling your membership. The thought of cancelling your subscription brings on the same thoughts of grief as an actual break up. You couldn’t imagine not having Netflix as your constant companion. It’s always been there for you, through good times and bad.
  9. You get excited about emails from Netflix telling you what’s new. Netflix is extremely considerate of the things they think you might enjoy. So much so that they actually email you to tell you great news and suggestions to things to further your happiness. What’s sweeter than that?
  10. You hashtag #netflixisbae and have professed your love on social media before. You’ve made at least one social media post about your date nights with Netflix. You’re not afraid to express your love for it for the world to see.
  11. You stand by Netflix even through the hard times. When Netflix is constantly buffering or can’t make a connection, you always stand by in support and have faith that you can make it work again. You believe in your relationship.
  12. You could never date an actual human who doesn’t have Netflix. In order for you to have an actual relationship outside of the one you have with Netflix, they need to be supportive of your love and have love for it, too. After all, the best relationships are the ones where you share mutual loves, and a love of Netflix is non negotiable.