Who Needs A Relationship? 12 Signs You’ve Become Your Own Boyfriend

Who Needs A Relationship? 12 Signs You’ve Become Your Own Boyfriend ©iStock/PeopleImages

When you’ve been single for a while, you definitely notice the absence of someone special in your life. While you’re in a relationship, you always have an extra set of hands or a shoulder to lean on, but rolling solo is a completely different experience. You start doing all the things for yourself that your partner used to, and you realize you actually kind of like it. Here are some signs that you’ve become your own boyfriend.

1. You ask yourself what you want for dinner.

Figuring out what you’re going to chow down on every night is a non-issue. You eat what you want, when you want. It’s just you, yourself and yours.

2. You’ve totally become a Ms. Fixit.

Fixing stuff around the house is bound to happen, so you’ve invested in your own set of tools to help you with the handy work. You might need to watch some YouTube tutorials sometimes, but you own it and handle your business.

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4. You can carry a ton of groceries at once.

Because too many trips suck, so you’ve crafted ways to lift and carry 12 bags at a time to your fortress, and you’ve got stronger arms as a result. Bonus!

5. You’re basically a mechanic now.

Oil changes, brake replacements — you’ve got it covered. You know when and why you need to service your vehicle and you do so with such confidence that the maintenance guys don’t even try to sell you on crap you don’t really need.

6. You slay spiders.

When you see a spider or any other bug in your space, you might still cringe a little, but then you get right to eliminating it by whatever means necessary. There’s no cup over with a post it note reading “please take care of this” left for someone else. It’s all on you.

7. You buy lingerie purely because you like it.

When you see some racy delicates you want to buy, you buy it for yourself — because sometimes it’s nice to lay in bed alone, read a book, and feel hot as hell with no one to impress but yourself.

8. People constantly describe you as “independent.”

Whenever people mention you, they typically inject the word “independent” in there somewhere, because that’s exactly what you are.

9. You’ve mastered the art of opening jars.

Your grocery strong arms aren’t just for bag lifts — they’ve also become useful when opening a fresh jar. You rarely need to knock on the neighbor’s door anymore.

10. You could moonlight as a gourmet chef.

You stopped ordering so much takeout, because cooking a nice meal isn’t just reserved for impressing dinner guests or a boyfriend. It’s also so you can eat delicious food and learn how to master the kitchen for your own benefit.

11. You buy yourself gifts at the holidays.

In the absence of the elusive holiday boyfriend gift and, “OMG, I wonder what he’s going to get me?” you’ve already picked out exactly what you want for yourself, and you treat yourself to it. No wondering for you.

12. You really, truly love you.

You don’t have someone telling you how much they love you or how beautiful you look every day, so you tell yourself. You’ve gotten to know yourself on a deeper level and you’ve mastered how to self-validate in those low moments and that’s a beautiful thing.

13. You answer only to yourself.

For now, you’re the only one you need to make happy, and you do it by any means necessary. Even if you don’t know how, you learn and you figure it out yourself. Because being your own boyfriend only means that you’ll be an even better girlfriend when the lucky man finally comes around.