12 Texts Women Send To Their Boyfriends

12 Texts Women Send To Their Boyfriends ©iStock/Geber86

Texting has simultaneously made all our lives easier and more complicated. While it makes communicating about basic things a lot more efficient, it also adds the torture of not knowing exactly what someone meant by their ambiguous seeming one-word answers. Some texts, however, need no explanation, and we’re all guilty of sending them once or twice:

  1. “Can you pick up some tampons?” He’s already out, and it’s an emergency. A guy who’s too embarrassed to purchase tampons for his girlfriend is not a guy worth dating anyway.
  2. “There’s a spider I need you to come over and kill.” Sure, it might be faster to just throw a shoe at it and hope it dies, but you’d much rather use this giant spider as an excuse to get him to come over.
  3. “I just had a dream you dumped me.” Sometimes dreams feel really real and you need a little reassurance than he’s not actually thinking about breaking up with you.
  4. “You didn’t DVR Grey’s Anatomy?!” The one time you ask him to do it, and he forgets. Oh wait, there it is. The follow up text probably reads, “Nvm, found it!
  5. “I drank a whole bottle of wine tonight, your pants better be off when I get home.” The guarantee that you can get laid whenever you please is one of the best parts of having a boyfriend. There’s no way he doesn’t encourage your horny drunken texts either.
  6. “Can you stop and get me some chicken nuggets on your way?” Food requests are a given in any relationship. You can’t even count the number of times you’ve picked up his ridiculously specific burrito order.
  7. Boob pics. If he’s having a bad day, or you haven’t seen each other in a couple days, or let’s face it, you’re just kind of drunk, boob pics will probably be happening.
  8. “What’s your shoe size again?” Followed by pictures of five different angles of a pair of dress shoes that are on sale.
  9. “Your brother’s new girlfriend is a moron.” Usually while on a double date with that brother and new girlfriend. There’s no way you can wait until you get home to tell him what you really think of her.
  10. “I miss you.” All jokes aside, sometimes you just really miss him and you want to know if he misses you too.
  11. “Beyonce is coming to town the day after my birthday!” And other not-so-subtle hints about gifts he should consider getting you.
  12. “How’s my {insert cheesy nickname here}?” You’d never dream of calling him that in front of anyone, but your private text conversation is exactly where inside jokes and embarrassing pet names belong.
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