12 Things To Cherish About Your Single Life While You Still Can

12 Things To Cherish About Your Single Life While You Still Can ©iStock/gilaxia

As much as being single can be difficult at times and we hope that a great guy is just around the corner, there are things about our current lives that we shouldn’t take for granted. After all, sooner or later, Mr. Right is going to come along and we’ll lose certain aspects of our lives that come with being bachelorettes. Cherish these things while you still can:

  1. Your own personal living space. Having your own apartment to decorate and live in as you please is a luxury not all women get to experience. Enjoy that queen sized bed, sleeping diagonally and having free range on decorating it in as many shades of pink and purple as your heart desires, because one day you won’t ever have that again.
  2. Cheaper grocery bills. Let’s face it — men eat a ton more than most women, generally speaking. Enjoy the cheaper grocery bill right now — not to mention the storage space in your pantry and fridge.
  3. Eating what you want, when you want. If you want to eat an entire pizza in one sitting, no one’s going to judge you for it. If you want to eat super healthy and clean, you won’t have to worry about someone coming home with chicken wings to tempt your healthy habits. If you want to eat cookie dough for dinner, have at it. It’s your life and your life only right now.
  4. The freedom to come and go as you please. It’s not to say that having a man in your life means you’ll be under his control,  but having the freedom to leave your apartment and come home at whatever time you want without having to check in with anyone or make sure you don’t already have committed plans with your S.O. is a luxury we don’t realize we’ll be losing when we’re finally taken off the market again.
  5. Living in ‘shaving optional’ bliss. If you want to time travel to the ’70s, you can. If you want to rock a natural pair of fur leggings, you can. Bonus: you’re saving money on razor blades.
  6. Full control of your closet space. If you’re a single woman with a place of your own, you’ve probably filled all your hangers. Enjoy the closet full of clothes while you can, because one of these days, you’re going to be sharing that space with someone else.
  7. Snore-free sleeping. Because sleeping next to a Snore-a-saurus does get annoying after a while. Your peaceful nights of slumber will one day be a thing of the past.
  8. More money in your pockets around the holidays. Even though it’s totally fun buying gifts for the man in your life, you can’t help but enjoy the savings in the absence of one in the meantime.
  9. Complete temperature control. Fighting over the heating/air conditioning in the car and the home is a pretty common theme between men and women, so for the time being, revel in the fact that you can feel velvety warmth any and every time you please without fuss.
  10. No laundry surprises. I won’t go into further detail on this one. You know what I’m referring to.
  11. Free range on binge watching all the girly shows. Six hours straight of the Vampire Diaries? Don’t mind if I do! Watch every Nicholas Sparks movie on Netflix? Why not? No one is going to fight you for the remote.
  12. Living each day with the feeling of possibility. Perhaps the greatest silver lining of the fact that you haven’t met him yet is the fact that every day is full of the possibility that today could be that day. It’s a sense of wonder and anticipation that women in relationships don’t have that anymore. For us single women, every day is a new secret waiting to be discovered. Even though you’re single right now, don’t forget all the benefits you have in the here and now that you won’t have when the right one finally shows up.