12 Things Every Girl Should Thank Her Best Friend For

12 Things Every Girl Should Thank Her Best Friend For ©iStock/Paolo Cipriani

Never take your best friend for granted. She often does the hard gritty work that most people won’t do for you. Without her you might be a total mess, or your life would be really boring. So to remind every girl what she needs to thank her best girlfriend for, here is a list of 12 important things.

  1. Coming up with a brilliant cover story for you. Your girl has your back when you want to back out of some kind of engagement. Maybe you’re not the best liar, but she is and she knows exactly what to say to not get people to ask questions.
  2. Being an awesome wing woman. It’s definitely a skill, and luckily she always knows what to do. Maybe she’s not always successful in helping you get the guy you wanted, but you’re always closer to the goal thanks to her help.
  3. Babysitting you when you were drunk. Nobody likes babysitting, but your bestie is the MVP by always making sure you get into your bed safely. She doesn’t complain the next day about it either, instead she enjoys making fun of you for all the silly things you did.
  4. Making sure you get a break by inviting you out. Someone has to put you in check to make sure you’re not just working all the time. Your best friend forces you to go out when you don’t feel like it. You complain at first, but you always end up having a good time.
  5. Lending you awesome clothes when you need a change. You just can’t shop whenever you feel like it, so when you run out of cute clothes or jewelry to go out in, she lets you raid her closet. The extra confidence boost you get from having something new (well, for you) is priceless.
  6. Giving you a shoulder to cry on. The most important thing a best friend can do is be there for you when you’re at your worst. She doesn’t interrogate you about what you happen. She lets you just cry it all out.
  7. Not making you feel guilty for indulging in your favorite food. Everyone needs to pig out now and then, but it’s definitely not fun doing so in front of someone who is going to give you a lecture about your diet. Your best friend, however, will not only join you, but she’ll probably come up with even better junk food choices.
  8. Dishing out love advice when you need it. When you don’t have a clue you know exactly who to turn to, she always has the answers and you know you would be lost and single forever without her.
  9. Never judging you for talking nonstop about your latest obsession. Maybe it has to do with new music you found, or a show you’re super into. She lets you go on and on about it even if she doesn’t know anything about it because it makes you so pumped.
  10. Giving you a break from boredom at work. You might not even work together, but she always tags you in the comments of some funny video or picture to get you laughing. Without her, you’d be spending hours hating your life during business hours.
  11. Always being a sounding board to your worries. She never throws it in your face that you “complain.” She gets that you need to vent and allows you to put it all out there.
  12. Boosting your confidence whenever it starts to tank. When you’re not feeling smart, beautiful, or interesting, she gives you a pep talk! She tells you that her best friend is the most awesome girl in the world and to never forget it. She lifts you up and you can’t thank her enough for it.
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