12 Things I Miss Most About Being In A Relationship

I totally enjoy being single most of the time, but sometimes it can be a drag, especially when it seems like everyone around you is happily coupled up with a fabulous partner. I realize that being in a relationship isn’t always sunshine and roses, but it does have some pretty fabulous benefits. Here’s what I miss really miss.

  1. Knowing that someone is always around This is especially true if you live with them. Sure, this can be annoying because everyone needs their personal space, but your space becomes their space and just knowing you aren’t in the house alone can be a comfort.
  2. Having someone to do things with by default Ever looked around and realized everyone is partnered off and no one wants to go to the beach or for drinks because they’re all hanging out with their other halves? Yeah. You can miss having that default person to do everything with, even if it’s just going to the grocery store, and you have to get used to doing it by yourself which isn’t always as fun.
  3. Having someone to do absolutely nothing with Continuing on from the point above, it’s just as nice to have someone to do nothing with, someone with whom you can be a total slob. No makeup, PJs, Netflix, and no need for effort. You can’t really slob with just anyone and it’s basically a never-ending sleepover with your favorite person, right?
  4. Being able to share achievements with someone Hitting those big milestones sometimes seems so hard when you’re single and can be double the work. But at the end of the day, achieving goals and dreams when you’re in a relationship is so fun and more enjoyable to celebrate as there’s someone else feeling the same as you at that moment. Having someone to celebrate with is part of the joy.
  5. Celebrating all the relationship stages Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and having date nights with a partner is something special. Watching friends go over and above for their other half and then have them cancel on your birthday party when it comes around is hard. Being able to treat someone you love is special and something that singletons can miss as it can be the job of the other half.
  6. Having someone to cuddle in bed Self-explanatory! Even those who are enjoying the social distancing regulation sometimes also want a cuddle on a cold night! I don’t need to be attached to my other half 24/7, but everyone loves human affection.
  7. Having someone to vent to After a hard day’s work or if someone is annoying you, it’s nice to have someone to talk to (read: rant at) who gets it and is totally on your side even if you’re not necessarily in the right. You don’t have to organize a chat with a friend or drive to their house because by that point the moment has passed. You can just text or even come home to your partner and let loose (as long as you return the favor, of course).
  8. Having someone who just gets you Someone you can be fully yourself around is really comforting. Being able to unwind and relax with someone else is enjoyable and knowing that they don’t judge you and just accept you as you are.
  9. Not having to think about plus ones Do I need to say any more than “wedding season”? No one wants to have to panic-find a plus-one. Having a partner means automatic dibs and also removes the dreaded “when are you going to find someone?” questions that always crop up when you’re single.
  10. Having someone for moral support When you aren’t the most confident, sometimes just walking into a restaurant to meet a group of friends can be daunting. But going with someone on your arm can help ease those anxieties and help feel a little like backup.
  11. Paying single person fees Everything is cheaper in a couple, vacations especially (and especially abroad). No more single person tax, thank you very much, and more romantic holiday deals over here!
  12. Having someone who doesn’t always need to be anywhere else I understand needing space and the importance of time apart and interests in different hobbies, but at the end of the day, your partner comes home to you and they don’t need to leave to see their husband/kids/pet because they’re with you and home is where you are.