12 Ways To Tell You’ve Finally Found “The One”

We’re all looking for “The One”—your soulmate, the yin to your yang, the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. But why are they so hard to find and how do you know you’re not just settling so you don’t have to be alone? People say that when you meet the right person, you’ll know, and if you can relate to these 12 things, you DEFINITELY know.

  1. He’s not just your boyfriend but your best friend too. If your guy is someone you can tell all of your secrets to, laugh with, and enjoy doing nothing together with, he’s way more than just a fling. Finding someone you’re compatible with on both a romantic and friendship level is a home run. Being friends with your significant other is so important for a healthy and successful relationship.
  2. You can fully trust him. You don’t need to worry if he goes out with his guys or question his whereabouts. Once you’ve found someone who you know won’t do you wrong, disrespect you, cheat on you, or lie to you, you know you’ve found something special. Not only can you trust him to be faithful, but you also trust him as friend—you can tell him anything, even your darkest secrets, and feel good about it.
  3. The relationship progresses naturally. So many relationships progress even when it’s clear that the couple isn’t right for each other. Couples stay together long after the fire has gone out. People settle because they feel like their time is running out. If you find yourself in a relationship that progresses naturally and continues to grow and feel good even after a long time goes by, you’re in it for the long haul.
  4. He makes you laugh. Finding someone who can make you smile and make you laugh until your cheeks and stomach hurt, is a once in a lifetime thing. Hold on to them because laughter really is the best medicine and being able to smile and laugh on a regular basis with your partner is one of the greatest things ever. You’ll always have someone to laugh at your jokes, laugh with you and cheer you up.
  5. You do things for him without thinking about what you’ll get in return. No more games or questioning if he likes you or not. You find yourself thinking about him throughout the day and don’t think twice about doing something sweet for your partner. You don’t have to get inside your head about grabbing his favorite foods at the store or seeing something that reminds your of him and buying it for him. Small gestures like this are a great way to let your partner know you care about them.
  6. You’re not trying to play any games. It doesn’t matter who texts who first. You’re no longer trying to play hard to get, one up each other, or try to make anyone jealous. The games are over and all you care about at this point is that you’re happy and you’ve found someone you really care about. Games are for dating—once you’ve found something serious and made a commitment, you’ll be so over that.
  7. The relationship makes you want to be your best self. You know you’ve got a good thing going when being with your partner makes you want to be the best version of yourself – for them and for you. You both encourage each other to follow your dreams and go for something even if it might be scary. You have a solid support system and you know you’ll always have someone who has your back and your best interest in mind.
  8. You don’t care about texting him first. When you’re in a good relationship, it doesn’t matter who texts who first and it doesn’t matter how many texts you send in a row. Sending 20 texts in a row is no big deal, it’s not annoying, and it’s not a deal breaker—all it is now just a way to communicate with each other and express yourselves to one another.
  9. You can be yourself. Finding someone you can truly let loose around and be yourself without judgment is something so special. It doesn’t matter if you’re acting goofy, or crying because you’re upset about something—you don’t have to feel awkward or hide your feelings. You know its real when your guy sees you at both your best and your worst, and he still loves you just the same.
  10. You stop thinking about dating anyone else. You no longer have your options open or have a backup plan. This is the real deal and you’ve completely stopped thinking about the idea of being with anyone else now and even in the future.
  11. You want him around your friends and family. When you feel comfortable enough to bring your guy around your closest friends and family, it’s a good sign that this is the real deal. You wouldn’t bring just any old casual hook up around your family. You know you’re invested in the relationship and you want those you care about most to get to know the person you feel so strongly for. By bringing them around you’re basically announcing that the relationship is legit and you can see it going somewhere.
  12. You can picture a future together. Things go from casually having fun to daydreaming about what your future would look like together. Conversations have shifted from “I” and “you” to “we” and “us.” Living together doesn’t seem scary, talking about marriage is no longer something that makes you cringe. You can picture a future together naturally because it’s meant to be—you’ve found “The One.”
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