12 Ways Women Should Be More Like Men In Relationships

12 Ways Women Should Be More Like Men In Relationships ©iStock/Grandriver

Women always get a bad rap in relationships for being the needy ones, the jealous ones, and the ones that require more validation, attention, and reassurance. Obviously not all of us are like that, but regardless, we could probably all stand to relax a little bit when it comes to dating. In other words, we should be more like guys.

  1. Be more comfortable making the first move. A lot of guys complain that even when they’re in a relationship, they still have to initiate sex the majority of the time. So if you’re horny, don’t wait for him to notice, just go for it!
  2. Be in less of a rush to be monogamous. Or in other words, don’t get so caught up in labeling things and putting them in a neat little box. As long as you’re communicating with each other about what you want and you’re on the same page, the rest should fall in to place.
  3. Make more time for friends. Guys love their bro time, and generally speaking they wouldn’t dream of blowing off their friends for a girl. You may want to spend all your time with him, but that doesn’t mean you should. You still have a life outside of your relationship, so try not to neglect it.
  4. Chill with your ultimatums. Women have a biological clock to consider, I get it. But setting deadlines for a guy to move in with you, propose to you, and then impregnate you probably isn’t the best way to get what you want. Besides, wouldn’t you rather he wanted to do all those things in his own anyway?
  5. Don’t be so jealous for no reason. There are times when a little jealousy is warranted, but most of the time, you’re getting yourself worked up over nothing. Until he gives you a reason to be suspicious, do yourself a favor and don’t worry so much. Besides, if he really wanted to cheat, your irrational jealousy definitely wouldn’t stop him, so you’re wasting your energy.
  6. Stop overanalyzing every little thing. Sometimes going through your text conversation with him with a fine tooth comb while drinking wine with your friends is called a Friday night. Getting everyone else’s opinion on everything he said to you isn’t getting you anywhere, so maybe find a more productive hobby.
  7. Be more confident in your awesomeness. Girls who are insecure and need constant reassurance aren’t exactly attractive. Sure, guys need validation sometimes too, but generally, the guys who get the girl are the ones who go after her because they know they’re worthy. Most women could stand to have that same confidence.
  8. Stop downplaying your accomplishments. Women are sometimes afraid their success will scare men away. But men who are intimidated by successful women aren’t worth your time anyway. No guy would ever try to hide how successful he is, so neither should you.
  9. Be unapologetically yourself. Have you ever heard of a guy pretending to be really into makeup and Pretty Little Liars just so he could impress a girl? No. So don’t bother pretending you’re more into sports than you really are. The truth will come out eventually anyway.
  10. Be more adventurous in bed. A lot of guys are unafraid to try just about anything once. Sure, we all have limits, but if you’re with someone you trust and you take it slow, there are a lot of things you might like if you give it a shot.
  11. Eat all the food. I mean, stay healthy of course, but don’t worry about ordering a giant burger on a first date and looking like a pig. If a guy wanted a burger, he’d get a burger, and he’ll appreciate your willingness to do the same.
  12. Say exactly what you mean. People can’t read your mind, so generally the best method of communication is to simply say what you’re thinking. Guys don’t want to have to interpret your true meaning, so help them out a little and just say it.
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