13 Annoying Guy Habits That Drive Women Crazy

13 Annoying Guy Habits That Drive Women Crazy ©iStock/g-stockstudio

If you’re spending a lot of time with your boyfriend, it’s inevitable that his bad habits are going to come out. Sure, you’re tolerant because you love him, and you put up with it because no one’s perfect — and let’s face it, you have bad habits, too. But there are some annoying habits guys could do without, because in all honesty, they drive you absolutely crazy.

  1. Clearing their throats loudly in public. AHEM! Is there something in your throat? Can I get you a glass of water? Could you maybe do that in the bathroom? Nope, they’re going to clear their throat as loud as they can, at the fanciest restaurant, in front of all your friends, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  2. Using a toothpick to get food out of their teeth. Could there be anything more gross? Where are they flinging that piece of shrimp that they fish out with the toothpick? Are they eating it? Is it going on your freshly cleaned floors? Disgusting.
  3. Leaving the toilet seat up. On more than one occasion, you’ve nearly fallen into the toilet because you didn’t bother to look to see that, yet again, your boyfriend left the seat up. Would it kill them to take an extra two seconds to put the seat back down after you lifted it up?
  4. Scratching their balls in public. Enough said.
  5. Sneezing loudly without covering their mouths. Well, excuse you. Thanks for letting out the most aggressive sneeze, not covering your mouth, and blowing your nose like a trumpet immediately afterwards.
  6. Not cleaning up after they shave. There’s nothing pleasant about brushing your teeth in the morning with tiny little hairs scattered around your porcelain sink. You start wondering if any got into your toothbrush. And for some reason, they seem to be following you around the house. If only your boyfriend could have taken that one extra step called ‘wiping down the sink’ after he trimmed his beard. You would greatly appreciate it.
  7. Leaving their socks everywhere. How difficult is it to put your dirty socks in the laundry basket? It baffles us that we find them all around the house — the bedroom floor, the kitchen table, wedged in between couch cushions… You name it, they’ve been there.
  8. Putting the empty milk carton back in the fridge. Or the pie tray with nothing but crumbs. Or the empty bag of chips back in the cupboard. Not only did they finish what you were craving, but now you have to be the one to throw it out, too.
  9. Not changing the toilet paper roll. Why, thank you. I always wanted to be stuck on the toilet unable to wipe. And then they act like they’re annoyed when you’re pulling them away from their video games to come bring you some toilet paper so you can get on with your life.
  10. Farting in bed. Not exactly the most pleasant wake-up tactic, especially when you’ve got the blankets over your head to block the sun in the morning. Your morning is not starting off on a good note, that’s for sure.
  11. When they build a clothes mountain. You know the one I’m talking about. Almost every guy makes one, whether it’s on the back of a chair, on the floor, or stacked high on top of your dresser. For some reason, it’s way too hard for men to hang clothes up or put them away in drawers after they wear them. Every guy has the inevitable mountain of clothes that seems to grow each day. And what’s worse? When he thinks you’re going to be the one to rush his laundry when he realizes he has no clean clothes for work the next day.
  12. Leaving cupboards and drawers open. You hate coming home to a kitchen that looks like it was robbed by a small child. You’ve come home on more than one occasion to a kitchen that has every drawer and cupboard open, making the kitchen look like an absolute disaster. How long does it take to close a cupboard after you open it? I just don’t get how this happens.
  13. Chewing way too loudly with their mouths open. You can barely hear yourself think when your boyfriend is eating a bag of chips. How can anyone make that much noise with their mouth? You almost think he’s doing it on purpose. And for those of us with misophonia, this is quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world.
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