13 Easy Ways To Spot A Bad Guy

13 Easy Ways To Spot A Bad Guy ©iStock/AmmentorpDK

You’ve probably dated a few bad guys in your day — don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. He seemed OK at first, but eventually you realized not only was he full of crap, but he was an absolute losers, to boot. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson and know how to avoid guys like this now — but what about the not-so-obvious bad guy? Here’s how to spot them in the wild, too, so you can run as fast as you can in the opposite direction:

  1. He keeps you in a grey area. The bad guy will never let you know where you stand with him and avoids all talk about relationship progression like it’s as dreadful as swine flu. Beware of this guy. There’s a reason he won’t give you a straight answer about where things are headed, because the answer is nowhere. Don’t waste your time.
  2. He brags about his fancy car, like, all the time. For some reason, bad guy with flashy cars like to shout it from the rooftop. He Instagrams his car obsessively, makes endless Facebook posts about it and essentially believes it’s the best thing about his life. We get it, bro — your car is sooo expensive. Normal dudes don’t need to flaunt their material possessions in your face for you to notice them. It’s something they worked hard for and earned for themselves, not a status symbol that they need to shove down your throat.
  3. He takes more selfies than you do. If his IG and Facebook is stacked with more selfies than your camera roll has ever seen, he’s probably a bad guy — not to mention obsessed with himself.
  4. All his exes are “psychos.” Every girl he’s dated is “crazy.” In fact, all women are in his book. Sure, bud. Seems to be the only thing that they all have in common is him.
  5. His Tinder profile is stacked with mirror ab shots. Ugh, we get it — you work out. Next!
  6. He constantly asks you for nudes. If he seems addicted to the idea of seeing a picture of you naked but doesn’t want to put in the gentlemanly work and thoughtful effort to get to know you and earn the right to see as much as your bare navel, he’s definitely a bad guy. Oh, and he obviously sends you penis pics that you didn’t ask for, too.
  7. You legit don’t know how many other women are in the picture. If he seems to have a ton of female friends who blow up his comment feeds with heart emojis and winky faces, he’s an expert ladies’ man and probably a player. Proceed with extreme caution, if you proceed at all. You’ve been warned.
  8. He calls and texts you late night to come over, yet you hardly know him. BYE, FELICIA!
  9. His version of a date is sweatpants and chill. The bad guy is the master slacker who falls back on Netflix and chill routinely as a viable “date.” He’ll give you excuses like that he was working late but still wants to see you, when actually, he bombed out with another girl and is falling back on you and hopes you’ll sleep with him instead.
  10. Once he gets off, the deed is done. The guy who doesn’t want to make you come too is the guy you need to dismiss immediately. F-u-c-k-b-o-y.
  11. He refers to women as “bitches.” Gross.
  12. He still “pops bottles at da club” in his 30s. When a guy is of a certain age and still “hittin da club up” and bragging about his VIP guest-list and bottle service yet he’s not even in that industry, buyer beware. Not only is he full of himself, but he also hasn’t grown up. Grown men aren’t club hopping unless they’re on a boys weekend in Vegas.
  13. He hashtags the designer labels he’s wearing, and he’s not even a model. #Armani #Gucci #Rolex #Stunnershades #Hatersgonhate #Poppedcolla = #BADGUY