13 Good Reasons To Have A One Night Stand

13 Good Reasons To Have A One Night Stand ©iStock/Sneksy

Sure, they get a bad rep, but if you’re mature enough to handle a night of fun with no strings attached, there is absolutely no reason not to have a one night stand. The experience can be valuable to your dating life, and more than that, it can just be downright fun. Any reason you decide to sleep with someone is valid, but here are 13 good ones to have a one night stand.

  1. To get over an ex. It’s true what they say: the best way to get over someone can be to get under someone else. If this is your intention, you aren’t ready to jump into another relationship, so make your rebound only last the night.
  2. You don’t want to get attached. Despite stereotypes, some men are clingy and not all women want a relationship. You aren’t looking to share a lifetime together or even dinner, just a night in the sheets, and that’s more than okay.
  3. You’re horny. Women like sex too, and you shouldn’t be deprived just because you have yet to meet your match.
  4. It’s nobody’s business. You probably aren’t having one night stands because you are worried what your friends will think. So don’t tell them, or get new friends who don’t have antiquated ideas about a women’s sexuality.
  5. It’s fun. No matter what, there’s always something that will feel a little wrong about it, and that makes it more fun and exciting. Use this experience to try something new you’d be too embarrassed to try with someone you know and be grateful you never have to see this person again when you’re through.
  6. You want to try something new. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got. Go do something different, like getting an orgasm.
  7. Sex is healthy. Because it lowers your blood pressure and risk of heart attack, helps in women’s bladder control, improves sleep, and eases stress to name a few, it’s just what the doctor ordered. No point putting your health at risk just because you don’t have a long-term lover, just remember to always use a condom for ultimate protection.
  8. You don’t have any ulterior motives. You aren’t having sex hoping it leads to a relationship, or using it to get what you want. You already got what you wanted: the sex.
  9. It’s better than friends with benefits. A friend with benefits sounds good in theory, but those kinds of relationships get messy, quickly. Avoid the emotional massacre down the road and get out just as quickly as you got in.
  10. You have no expectations. You aren’t expecting him to be great, because you know essentially nothing about him. If it was awkward and terrible, you don’t have to do it again.
  11. It boosts your ego. Sometimes you need to remind yourself you’ve still got it, or have a sexy stranger do it for you.
  12. It feels good. Sex is like pizza – even when it is bad it is still good.
  13. You’re not that innocent. You lost your virginity a million years ago and your list isn’t short, so stop pretending you’re prude and go have some fun.
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