13 Gross Habits Guys Need To Stop NOW

We all have guilty pleasure and gross habits – that’s just human. I always crack my back, wear my clothes for probably a little too long before washing them, and drink a god awful amount of red wine. However, there are some habits that are so gross, that they really can’t be tolerated and laughed off. Guys tend to be guilty of these a little more often than women are – but I’m not saying girls aren’t guilty of some of these too!

  1. Leaving toenail clippings on the living room floor. Toe nail clippings don’t just disappear into the abyss of toenail clippings. They stay on the floor, dirty and painful when you walk on them. Please, bathroom + bin = your new best toenail-clipping friend.
  2. The Pick’n’Flick. I don’t even need to explain this. Or worse, the pick’n’lick. No. Just no. No, no, no, no, no. Did I say no? No.
  3. Nail biting. Nails are really dirty and you’re sitting there putting your mouth on them! Why don’t you just go lick the palm of your hand instead of using water and soap while you’re at it?
  4. Farting before leaving the room. Seriously? You can’t hold it in until you get to the bathroom? You have to leave it with me? You’re too kind.
  5. Not using air freshener in the bathroom. Bathrooms are where we all do our business, that’s fine. It’s natural. But crack a window and spray some room deodorizer before you leave it, please and thank you. And, even if you’ve done that, a little warning would be nice, too!
  6. Leaving beard shavings all over the bathroom sink. Guys are so quick to complain about hair down the drain, but in the next instant, they’ll leave their beard shavings all over the sink. It’s maddening – and gross.
  7. Touching their penises. Like… all the time. I know it’s probably unconscious, but sweaty ballsack fingers do not go well with my dinner.
  8. Peeing on the toilet seat. Is it really that hard to aim? Or to pick up the toilet seat before you go? And, in cases where you simply can’t make it, just wipe up after you! No one likes to find themselves sitting in a pile of pee at 3am when they’re half asleep.
  9. Leaving loose change everywhere. Change is dirty. The amount of hands and surfaces your change has touched is… well, mind boggling. Get a money box, and leave all your loose change in there.
  10. Talking with a full mouth. If I wanted to see mashed potatoes, I would’ve mashed them before putting them on your plate. Honestly, I can wait for you to finish chewing and swallowing before you answer my question.
  11. Never changing his sheets. Sheets get dirty super quickly from all the dirt and sweat of our bodies.  Ideally, they should be cleaned once every 2 weeks. If you’re a heavy sweater, make that once a week.
  12. Using a toothbrush way past its usefulness. Toothbrushes clean out the dirt from your teeth – they’re not supposed to put dirt back in them! Oh, and once the toothbrush bristles start to fold, the toothbrush probably isn’t even working anymore. Dirty teeth are not sexy.
  13. Spitting. Sorry, but there’s no way you’ve got that much saliva in your mouth that you just have to hock it up and deposit it on the street/sidewalk/anywhere beside your mouth. It’s gross and unnecessary, so stop.
Sarah is a full-time content marketer, part-time freelancer. She’s a serial hobbyist (which just means that she does a lot of random things, but none of them particularly well). Her real talent lies in her ability to consume copious amounts of wine, whilst discussing feminism and reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the 8th time... All while saving puppies from burning houses, of course. You can see more of her work here, or pop over to Twitter and say “‘ello ‘ello” @daughterdipstik