13 Reasons To Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously & Just Go With The Flow

Some people take themselves way too seriously. They can’t deal with people cracking a joke at their expense, they watch every little thing they do, they shun their mistakes, and they probably get anxiety when something doesn’t go as planned. But living life like that can just totally suck, because you’ll always be worried about something. So, maybe it’s time to grab a glass of wine, relax, and go wherever the hell the world takes you.

  1. Nobody can predict the future. So stop thinking you can. You have no idea how your life will pan out and it’s pointless to waste time and stress about what the future holds.
  2. One unexpected thing has the ability to change everything.You never know when something unplanned will rear its ugly face and ruin life as you know it. So, stay prepared and ready to change plans whenever necessary.
  3. Things will never turn out the way we imagine. There’s no point fantasizing or stressing about what could be, because even if it does happen, it probably won’t be anything like we imagined. Of course we all think about meeting the perfect guy, but then we do, and it turns out he’s one foot shorter than we wanted him to be, and a lot balder. Life’s funny that way.
  4. If you plan out everything, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. We like to think we’ll be married by the time we’re 30, maybe have a kid a year later, and then buy a house with a white picket fence when we’re 36. But then we do hit 30 and we’re still single, so naturally, we freak out because we made a promise to ourselves and broke it. When you try that hard to stick to plans, you’re practically asking for disappointment, because again, you can’t predict the future.
  5. You never know when something will be a blessing in disguise. Something unexpected can either be good or bad, but if you’re a more serious person, you’re probably more likely to view it as negative. That might be the wrong mentality though and you could end up missing out on a new opportunity, just because you were blindsided by how bad you thought things were going to get.
  6. Life’s a lot more fun when you’re laughing. No seriously, it is. You should try it sometime.
  7. Being too serious can cause you to overthink and psyche yourself out. Overthinking is our enemy and can actually lead to even more stress, but it’s the one thing we tend to do when we’re taking crap way too seriously. Like that time you farted on the bus and everyone heard it, so now you walk a mile to the train instead to avoid ever having to run into someone who was there. Newsflash: they won’t remember your face so just take the bus.
  8. Going with the flow can mean more surprise and excitement. And everyone likes a surprise. So why not let stuff happen for once on their own instead of trying to control everything?
  9. Sometimes you need to let loose. Being stressed out all the time is bad for your health, so relaxing might be a good idea. Just let yourself chill and stop worrying about everything happening in your life right now. Like I said, get some goddamn wine or something.
  10. Being able to laugh at yourself is the best way to gain confidence. People who take themselves too seriously find it hard to laugh at themselves. Instead, they get embarrassed or shy away, but that just shows they aren’t as confident as they could be.
  11. Going where life takes you means you’ll have less regrets. When we plan out our lives, we’re usually pretty young, which means we’re not taking into account all the ways in which we’ll change as we grow older. If you’ve wanted to be a doctor since grade school but aren’t feeling it in college, switching gears and breaking that promise to yourself can prevent you from a lot of future hurt.
  12. Things not going as planned doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Just because you miss a target or you’re not where you want to be when you want to be there doesn’t mean your life is over. It does mean though that you now have a great opportunity to rethink your life and make it work.
  13. All work and no play will make Jane a dull girl. Or something like that. In other words, being serious all the time will just make you a huge bummer, killjoy, and someone people are afraid to relax around. There’s never a better time to experiment than when you’re young, so why not jump on the opportunity to experience something new before you no longer can?
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.