13 Reasons Strong, Independent Women Are The Best At Dating And Relationships

All women are amazing, but independent ones are the cream of the crop. If a guy manages to snag one of us, he needs to hold on tight because he’s in for the ride of his life. After all, we’re the best at dating and relationships — here’s why:

  1. Initiating plans doesn’t intimidate us. Chances are, we swiped right first or asked them to grab a drink or picked the place where we had our first date. We’re not afraid to take action and make decisions, and that’s a great quality in a life partner. Guys don’t need to worry that we have huge egos, though — we’re just go-getters.
  2. We’re never short on energy. There’s a reason people use words like infectious, enthusiastic and commanding to describe strong women — we have big personalities and we’re never one to slow anyone else down. Whatever adventure our guys have in mind, they can bet we’ll be up for it. We’re easily excited and will be on board for any challenge.
  3. We want to know other people’s stories. We can come across pretty intense, but we’re just as interested in hearing about the guys we date as we are in talking about ourselves. When we ask questions, we’re actually interested in hearing the answer. We won’t just listen, we’ll appreciate who they are and never judge them for where they’ve been.
  4. The more, the merrier. Not necessarily in the bedroom, (although we might be into that too if they ask). Many of us feed off social situations. If we go out with friends, they can expect us to be even more in our element than when we’re alone with them because more people equals more energy. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a lazy night in, our guys just shouldn’t be surprised when staying in bed all day exhausts us more than a night out on the town.
  5. We might want guys but we definitely don’t need them. Independent women aren’t clingy, desperate or demanding because we know we don’t need a guy or a relationship to be happy. We choose to have guys in our lives to enrich them, not complete them. We want guys who push us to be the best version of ourselves and who are there to share in the big and small moments in our lives. Because of this, we’re capable of having healthy, strong relationships.
  6. We’re genuinely friendly and personable. Our waiter, our Uber driver, the cashier at the checkout line, our coworkers — it doesn’t matter who it is, we want to connect. We’re bubbly and excited to meet new people, so we like to strike up a conversation with pretty much everyone. We’re genuinely interested in the world around us so we’re never fake or rude.
  7. We love to cheer our friends and partners on. Our successes are partly due to having such wonderfully supportive people in our corner, so we know the value of having cheerleaders and we’re always over the moon when good things happen to the people we love. Strong women will push our partners to be the best version of himself because we believe in him with all we have. We’ll celebrate his accomplishments and help pick him up if he falls because we know he’d do the same for us.
  8. Parents inevitably love us. Our inviting and confident personalities translate to being fantastic with families. We know just what to say to be approachable but not too personal and will have everyone wondering how they landed such a catch. If our relationship gets to that level and our guys are panicking about the parents, they don’t need to worry — we’ve got them covered.
  9. We fit in great with our boyfriends’ crowds. Just like with their families, we’re pros at mingling. The better we know our boyfriends, the better we’ll gel with their friends because we’re not afraid to put ourselves right in the thick of the group. That first meeting will be awesome instead of awkward, and once their friends are on board, our relationship can jump to the next level.
  10. Guys will never be bored. We’d rather be doing something than sitting still, but that doesn’t have to mean big extravagant dates. We just want to be on the move, and on the move with the guys we’re seeing in particular. We love trips to the grocery store to experiment making the latest tasty recipe or trying to break the record for hours of binge watching Netflix.
  11. We’re still sensitive. Being strong doesn’t make us heartless. Instead, our desire to be a leader makes us care even more about others. We’ll open up to our guys when we’re hurting and let them truly be there for us. We’ll also be a shoulder for them to lean on when they’re down and will understand them in their darkest hour.
  12. Passive aggression isn’t our style. Strong women know how frustrating it is when people don’t say what they mean, so we’d never do that to our partners. We communicate openly and honestly about how we’re feeling and always work with them to overcome challenges we face as a couple. We won’t just sit back and expect a problem to fix itself; we own up to our mistakes and we’re always willing to compromise.
  13. We have a lot of love to give. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we draw energy in and give it right back. If we fall for someone, that happiness will radiate out until the whole world knows. We’re not just going to love our partners fiercely, loyally, and unconditionally, but we’ll also be their best friends.
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