13 Signs That You & Your Guy Have Great Chemistry

You might think your sex life is pretty good, but just how good is it? Do you feel like you’ve lost your damn mind with pleasure after sex? Are you constantly ready to ravish your partner? Here are some signs that your sex life is hot AF:

  1. Your hair is a mess afterwards and you really don’t care. You have messy, knotty hair because of how wild your sexy time was, and you give zero f*cks. Same goes for your smudged eyeliner. All you can think is that the sex was so worth the trip to the hair salon before you head back to work.
  2. You forget about your self-consciousnessYou usually worry about how your cellulite looks during sex, but not with this guy. You feel so comfortable that you don’t even spare a thought for your body or if you look weird. You’re just completely in the moment and enjoying yourself immensely. You know your partner thinks you’re hot or else they wouldn’t be sleeping with you, so you’re able to just go with the flow and it’s liberating.
  3. You only move after sex because you’re starving. The sex is quite a workout, and it leaves you feeling thirsty and hungry. Getting to the kitchen and filling up is the only reason why you’ll snap out of your sex daze and get out of bed. You’re back in it with plenty of snacks and drinks in no time and soon enough, you’re ready for round two.
  4. Your phone is full of missed emails and text messages. After sex, you check your phone and it’s full of missed calls, emails and texts but you didn’t hear a thing! You were so involved in the sex that you shut out the world. NICE.
  5. You take the time to really please each other. You and your partner really enjoy pleasing each other. You don’t rush through foreplay or the sex in order to get off. You take your time to do things you both like and that’s what heightens the pleasure when you do come. Sure, you’ve had a mutual quickie here and there, but generally when you get started, you both find it pretty hard to stop.
  6. You’re open to trying new things. From time to time, you or your partner will suggest trying something new. It might be a new sexual position or a sex toy. Since you’re both open to doing something different now and then, it makes the sex keep hitting new heights of pleasure. Your boundaries are never crossed and you never feel pressured, and that makes you all the more willing to broaden your horizons.
  7. You snuggle afterwards. It’s not always realistic to cuddle up together after steamy sex, especially if it was a quickie, but you do try to do so regularly. This enhances your intimacy, which has the effect of making your sex that much more amazing because you’re so connected emotionally. There’s nothing better than resting in your partner’s arms after you’ve just been screaming their name.
  8. You’re sexually compatible. There is a science to good sex. You have to be compatible with your partner for it to work beautifully, like by having similar sex drives and being able to communicate easily about what you like and don’t like during sex. This makes for a smooth, satisfying ride every time.
  9. You can’t wait to do this again. After sex, you’re depleted of your energy but you’re excited to have sex again with your partner because it was that good and you know they feel the same. Sex never becomes a chore or a responsibility — it’s a pleasure every single time.
  10. You get sexy outside of the bedroom. It’s not just what happens between the sheets that makes for great sex. How you relate with your partner outside of the bedroom is even more important. So, if you’re affectionate with each other, tease each other, and sext often, you keep that anticipation going, which translates into hot sex when you do enter the bedroom.
  11. You can laugh about things. Sometimes sex can be awkward, like if you get a cramp when trying a new sex position or you end up kicking the lamp off the bedside table. Instead of making things feel clumsy and embarrassing, you and your partner are able to laugh about stuff that goes wrong.
  12. Your partner makes you feel like a sex goddess. Lights on or off during sex? Who cares?! You feel so confident in the sack, thanks to how your partner is quick to praise you for being so amazing and sexy. Yes, even when you’re wearing sweatpants and don’t have a stitch of makeup on. You feel so good in the sack with him that it boosts your — and your partner’s — pleasure.
  13. You do it when it feels right. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to sex. People might freak out about if their sex life is normal or not, but only you and your partner can decide what’s right for you. If you feel less pressure to do it “x” times a week and you’re open to each other about what you need to make things super hot in the bedroom, then your sex life is healthy. And, when strip away stress, you can let go and have the best sex of your life.
Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.