13 Signs You’re Obsessed With Winning At Everything

Competition is in your blood, and just the thought of winning makes your heart race. Is it so wrong to like coming on top? Not at all. You’re a naturally competitive woman and you love it – all those non-competitive people just don’t get it. Life’s so much more fun when it’s more like a game.

Sure, you might get a little over-competitive sometimes, but that’s just part of your personality. However, there’s a point when you have to stand back and realize that you can’t win at everything and learn to be gracious in the face of losing, too. Here are 13 signs you might be taking your competitive side a bit too seriously.

Game night isn’t about fun, it’s about winning. 

You get so sick of everyone getting off track. You’re playing a game here – shouldn’t everyone focus on the game and try to win? It’s only fun if everyone’s ruthlessly trying to beat everyone else.

You get seriously pissed if someone beats you. 

Whether you’re pissed at them or yourself, you’re angry when you get beaten. That naturally competitive side of you hates losing, and you’re already waiting for next time to redeem yourself.

You turn everything into a competition. 

You don’t stop at board games. To you, life is a competition. Your friend got a new car? You have to get a better one. You and your bestie both notice the same guy? Let the best woman (AKA you) win. You can’t help being competitive, even if it just makes you seem mean. That’s not a good thing.

You have to outdo your boyfriend. 

Relationships aren’t always easy for you. You have this bad habit of having to always outdo him. He buys you a sweet, romantic gift, so what do you do? Try to one up him. He gets a promotion and makes more than you. You won’t stop until you’re bringing in more cash. It’s a surefire way to lose your relationships, that’s for sure.

You’re always looking for new challenges. 

It’s hard to be satisfied when you’re competitive. After you’ve completely beaten something or won the same game numerous times, you get bored. You’re always looking for something new to stimulate you.

Happy means winning. 

You’re not completely happy unless you’re winning at something. You don’t want others to let you win, either. You’re only happy if you do it all on your own.

You’re obsessed with being perfect. 

You can be a little hard on yourself sometimes. Naturally competitive women are often perfectionists – they take losses to heart and don’t stop until they’ve fixed whatever flaw they think they have. You get called out a lot for trying too hard to be perfect, which is a losing battle to begin with, since literally NO ONE is perfect.

Friends get tired of it after a while. 

Depending on how competitive you get, your friends might get sick of it after a while. This might lead to quite a few fights, and it should definitely lead to you getting a grip and curbing that competitiveness just a little so you can learn to have fun without having to win all the time.

No one wants to play with you anymore. 

Most people enjoy playing games because it means having fun and spending time together. You turn it into a cutthroat competition, and it kind of takes all the fun out of it. When you bring up playing games, everyone has an excuse. They just want to enjoy themselves. They can’t do that when they’re playing with you.

You hate giving up control. 

The thought of relying on someone else to help you win drives you crazy. When you’re in charge, you know you’re going to get it right. Others just don’t understand how important it is to always bring your A game and win. You just know they’re going to ruin it for you.

You analyze every little detail of every situation. 

You know the best way to win is to study everything closely. You don’t just stop at games, though – you overanalyze things like your relationship, friendships, jobs and more. You overthink things to the point that you don’t even enjoy them anymore. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Every loss means you should’ve done better. 

Losing means you can improve. It’s not a fun, “Oh well, I guess I lost this time.” It means analyzing what went wrong and figuring out what to do differently next time. In some ways, this helps you grow as a woman and adapt to different situations, but in others, it just means you belittling yourself for something that was likely out of your control. Cut yourself some slack and relax.

You’re sure other people are jealous of your winning abilities. 

Whether your friends like to admit it or not, they hate always losing to you. Your competitive nature makes you work at something until you’re good at it. They don’t realize how hard you’ve worked to get that good; they just get sick of being beaten over and over again. Maybe they’re just sick of being with someone who gloats over inconsequential victories?

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