13 Subtle Signs Of Love That You’ve Been Ignoring

Declaring your feelings for someone isn’t always easy. There’s always that fear of rejection in the back of your mind. What if they don’t feel the same? What if you make a fool of yourself? That fear doesn’t go away when you’re actually in a relationship. When your partner stops pulling out all the stops to woo you, does that mean they don’t care anymore? Those thoughts are always going to be in the back of your mind, but if you want to feel more confident in your relationship (0r your prospective relationship), keep your eyes peeled for these signs of love you might be missing.

  1. They find excuses to be around you. If they’re generally pretty antisocial or always busy but still make it a point to be around you as much as humanly possible, this is one of the biggest signs of love. Maybe they don’t know how to say it yet. Or, they’ve said it so many times in your relationship that they think it’s a given.
  2. They buy you random little gifts. If someone gets you a gift on your birthday, it’s normal. But if they’re buying you random gifts for no particular reason, they’re most likely trying to convey a message. Unless it’s a friend with whom you exchange gifts from time to time, don’t ignore this as one of the signs of love. And if it’s someone you like, go ahead and give them a green light and save both of you some precious time.
  3. They take an interest in your interests. This is one of the biggest, most understated signs of love. So you met someone, talked about your hobbies, and it turned out that you share so much in common. You’ll even be going to watch an improv show over the weekend because you both love it. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s possible that they don’t enjoy improv. They just can’t say no as they also want to be with you. It’s their small way of saying that they care enough to sacrifice their happiness for a moment for you.
  4. They remember the tiniest details about your life. Someone who loves you remembers details that others wouldn’t. They’ll remember what you wore when you first met, your hairstyle, and the exact meal you ordered on your first date. Some can even remember your exact lipstick shade not because they’re creepy but because when you were together, all their attention was on you. If you’re searching for the love of your life, watch out for this.
  5. They open themselves and their life up to you. There are details we prefer to keep to ourselves because they’re either too sensitive or we just don’t want to share for whatever reason. However, if someone loves you and they’re not exactly the talkative type, they tend to share their personal details without filtering. They’ll even share their embarrassing moments without thinking twice. They feel comfortable sharing with you because they love you, obviously.
  6. They laugh at even your worst jokes. Ever wondered why only one person in the room laughs at your dry jokes when everyone else finds them boring? That person loves you. Smiling and laughing at people’s jokes even when they aren’t funny is one of the signs of love that we tend to ignore.

More signs of love you could be missing

  1. They’re always really, really nice to you. Are they always showering you with praises and compliments? Always being super chivalrous and caring about all the things that matter to you? This is not just a friend. They’re probably waiting for the right time to proclaim their love for you. Until then, they’ll treat you like a queen and hope that you can read between the lines.
  2. They’re always willing to help. Don’t ignore that person who’s always going the extra mile to help you with everything. Whenever you’re in trouble, need a ride somewhere, or can’t figure out what’s up with your damn laptop, they’re always ready to help. They could be hanging out with their friends or doing literally anything else, but instead, they choose to come to your rescue when you’re in trouble. If this isn’t love, what else could it be? You’re lucky and you’d better not let the chance slip away.
  3. They aren’t afraid to be themself when around you. When you badly want someone, it’s tempting to want to pretend to be someone you’re not so that you seem more desirable. However, someone who loves you doesn’t have to do that. They’ll be comfortable being themself around you as they want to be as real as possible with the person they love.
  4. Listening to everything you have to say. Men aren’t exactly the best listeners. Not all women are great at it either. That means if this person is engaged and interested in whatever you say even if you’re just ranting, they’re a keeper. They can’t afford to miss a word because everything you say is important to them and they care deeply about you.
  5. You have the longest, best conversations. They’ll never get tired of talking to you. When they call, the conversation extends to late at night and they hate saying goodbye. This is someone who loves you and is trying to make up for the distance between you by calling you every time they get a minute.
  6. They’re playful with you. You might think that they’re just being silly by teasing you all the time, but playfulness is a sign of love. When someone loves you, they’ll race you to the car, tickle you, and make silly jokes just to see you smile.
  7. They know a lot about you. Someone who loves you takes time to find out more about you without even asking. You’ll be surprised that they know your favorite show, your nickname, and a bit of your educational background. Other than being a creepy stalker, the other reason someone will go to that extent is love. Let’s assume it’s that one!
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