13 Things A Loyal Guy Does Without Hesitation

Loyal guys are all over if you look hard enough. They should be the standard, but that’s not always the case. Instead, there are some dudes who are regularly unfaithful. There are ways, though, to find out if the one you’ve got will remain faithful. He’d do any combination of these 13 things without hesitation.

  1. Accepts that he’ll find other people attractive but never acts on it We’re all human beings. Everyone is going to have attractions. They’re inevitable. A loyal guy will acknowledge those attractions rather than pushing them away but he won’t act on them.
  2. Rejects someone flirting with him When a waitress gets a little too friendly, he shuts it down right away. He doesn’t entertain that idea whatsoever. He also doesn’t care if he offends anyone because his loyalties lie with you. Since you know he does this, you don’t have to worry about him flirting with anyone.
  3. Has good boundaries with co-workers Coworkers are tricky. It can be easy to cross the line from being friendly to being more than friends. A survey on Trustify found that 36% of men and women admit to having an affair with a coworker. A loyal guy would be part of the 64%. For example, he wouldn’t give his personal phone number out to them unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Stays somewhat sober when lots of girls are around Alcohol and tons of girls without his partner around is a good recipe for cheating. This isn’t the case, though, with a loyal guy. They don’t get totally hammered to the point where they lose their judgment. Rather, they remain sober enough to keep to the fact that they’d never cheat. They’d never use the “I was too drunk” excuse.
  5. Says that he’s in a relationship with you on Facebook Regardless of how corny this is, the right guy wouldn’t mind doing it for his girl. He’d gladly be that couple who makes it Facebook official. This is because he has nothing to hide and will show other girls that he’s taken.
  6. Posts photos of you two on his social media Again, this is kind of a cheesy one, but he’s okay with it. His Instagram doesn’t have to be plastered with photos of you two, but he has a few here and there. He’s happy to showcase that he’s in a relationship with a fantastic girl. Maybe he even features you as his “Woman Crush Wednesday.” A loyal dude sends the message to others that he’s taken.
  7. Masturbates This one may sound a little weird, but masturbation is a completely normal act. In fact, it may even help him get his fantasies out of his mind. He’s only a human and is going to have thoughts about others. Masturbation can help him clean those right out. It may not seem ideal, but you don’t have to know the details of his activity.
  8. Shows up for the good and bad times A “sunshine patriot” is someone who only shows up for the sunny weather, but is nowhere to be found when it rains. This wouldn’t be the case for a loyal guy. He’d show up even when the weather is crap. He also definitely shows up to celebrate your victories, too. He’s around whenever you need him.
  9. Always shows respect How he treats his partner when he’s with her is going to help determine how he thinks about her when he isn’t with her. A loyal guy shows a ton of respect to his girlfriend when they’re together, meaning he shows her respect when they’re apart, too.
  10. Says he’s with you when he’s on the phone When someone calls him up he isn’t saying something vague like “I’m with someone right now.” No, instead he’d say something like “I’m with my girlfriend right now.” He wouldn’t be all sketchy about it, he’d just casually say he’s with you. This shows he has nothing to hide.
  11. Uses social media appropriately He spends however long he wants on social media, but he spends that time well. He may like a photo or two of a girl, but he isn’t creeping, liking a ton of one girl’s pictures. He doesn’t want to send the message that he’s interested and he definitely doesn’t want to flirt. A loyal guy keeps it low-key online.
  12. Is an open book with his partner A loyal guy is open about his life with his girlfriend. He fills her on in all the minute details. It’s not that they’re codependent, he just wants her to be a big part of his life. As a result of this, his partner feels like she can trust what he says and does.
  13. Introduces you to people in his life There are all sorts of dating trends now that talk about hiding a partner away from someone’s friends and family. People actually do that. A loyal guy doesn’t. He happily introduces you to those who are important in his life, because you’re important, too.
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at ginelletesta.com.