13 Things Passionate Women Do Differently & Why They Stand Out From The Crowd

These days, it’s way too easy to become apathetic about pretty much everything in life. It makes sense — we’re all way too burnt out on bad news and we feel powerless to do much to change it. However, that mentality doesn’t have to be our default. Passionate women somehow manage to overcome the inertia that comes with being overwhelmed by the heaviness of life and they live in ways that inspire themselves and everyone else.

  1. They do everything with intensity. Whether it’s the simple act of cooking or the way they order their morning lattes, you know passionate women are there. They assert themselves and are concise about everything they want without being demanding. There’s a soft hardness about them that’s hard to avoid. Many people have told them they’re “too much” throughout their lives, but they know that means those people aren’t enough for them.
  2. They smile a lot. When they’re excited or happy about something, they really show it. Their smiles are huge and their laughs are loud, which in turn makes everyone around them mirror that same intensity of joy. They don’t pretend to be aloof or too cool for school — they find joy in even the smallest things.
  3. They’re grateful for everything they have. When passionate women receive anything in life, from a gift to personal success, they show gratitude. They don’t take things for granted and make sure they appreciate the things that make their lives a little bit better. They understand the importance of a daily gratitude practice and know it makes their lives and the lives of those around them that much better.
  4. They fight fiercely. If there’s a battle to be won or a challenge they’re facing, they face it head-on and fight with everything they have. They’re competitive, but not in a selfish way. They won’t back down from challenges and they won’t stop pushing until they overcome whatever barrier stands in their way.
  5. They’re great in bed. When they bed a partner, it’s electric. Everything passionate women do, from the way they gaze, touch, kiss, and move, is done with intention and sincerity. Men will always remember what happens between the sheets with a passionate woman.
  6. They’re exceptionally driven. Nothing can stop them from reaching their goals. When they set their sights on something they want, whether it’s a promotion at work or tickets to a sold-out concert, they find a way to make it happen by any means necessary. They know they can achieve anything they put their minds to if they work hard enough, so they do just that.
  7. They love hard. The way in which passionate women fall in love is almost poetic. They’re the hearts-on-their-sleeves type, and they put their souls into the relationships they care about most. Whether it’s friends, family, or love interests, they’ll make you feel truly and completely cared for.
  8. Their silence is loud. When a passionate woman is silent, it can be felt. You don’t know if they’re angry, sad, or just taking moments of calmness, but the quietness leaves you on edge and in a state of wondering what they’re about to do next. You won’t have to wait for long, though — passionate women never leave you guessing.
  9. They take risks. They’re fully aware of the implications of any and every endeavor they undertake, and they don’t care. They’d rather try and fail, then try again in new ways, than settle for less than what they want or know they deserve. They know that nothing good ever comes from getting too comfortable and never pushing themselves, and that’s a principle they live by.
  10. They crave adventure. Whether they want to go sky-diving or take a spontaneous and last-minute road trip, they’re always looking for new adventures in life and a way to seek thrills. Passionate women are in a constant state of needing to feel alive. That’s not to say that they don’t know how to relax and recharge, but they also know there’s a big wide world out there and they want to experience as much of it as possible.
  11. They’re constantly changing. They’re always working on self-improvement and development because they know that without changing, they’re never going to propel themselves to achieving their many dreams. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of life to continually grow and evolve?
  12. Their emotions affect you. Every emotion passionate women emit cuts you like a razor blade. If they’re in love, angry, deeply saddened, or completely elated, you can feel it piercing and tugging at your own heartstrings. Lucky for you, their emotions tend to be positive, so this rarely turns toxic.
  13. They’re not afraid to speak their minds. Passionate women don’t hesitate to tell you exactly how they feel or what they think, which is one of the best things about them. They tell it exactly how they see it and they keep it real 100%. They might be stubborn and difficult, but their end game is always won, and that’s what makes being a part of their lives amazing.