13 Ways To Let Go Of Your Past & Start Living In The Present

13 Ways To Let Go Of Your Past & Start Living In The Present ©iStock/BraunS

Sometimes it can be difficult to roll with the punches in life. Whether it’s a bad breakup or a major trauma, moving past the things which could seriously deter us from growing and moving on as human beings is hard, but it’s not impossible. If you find yourself getting stuck in old habits or obsessing over things that happened years ago, it’s likely that you’re wrapped up in living in the past. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You CAN live in the present, and here are a few ways to start doing it.

  1. Accept your past. The only way to successfully live in the present, is to come to terms with your past. Forgive yourself, forgive others, kiss the past goodbye and move on.
  2. Do a major clear out. Still holding on to your favorite jeans from high school that haven’t even fit in 10 years? Chances are they’ll never fit again, and even if you could squeeze yourself inside, the flare leg has been out since graduation. Holding on to outdated things isn’t nostalgia, its hoarding, and they make embarrassing TV about people like that.
  3. Get a hobby. So you played volleyball in college? Cool, what have you done since then? Stop reliving your glory days and find something that interests you now like a cooking class or yoga.
  4. Stop making excuses. Whether it’s in relationships, work, or just in life, stop using your past as an excuse not to move forward. Your whole “don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow” routine was cute when you were 21. Now, not so much.
  5. Let it go. Yes, like Elsa. Belt it out like her too if you need to, but the time has come to let go of all those things you have been holding on too tightly to from the past. Try having a full moon ritual to shed all that extra baggage you have been carrying with you, or try a new moon ceremony to set your intentions for the future.
  6. Put an end to bad relationships. Whether it’s romantic or just a long term friendship, people grow apart and history is no reason to keep someone toxic in your life. You can appreciate the relationship you used to have and respectfully walk away. If any of these are happening, it’s time to say goodbye.
  7. Make new friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean cutting off all your old ones, but it helps to have people in your life who aren’t always trying to make you relive your childhood.
  8. Start dating again. Stop dwelling on all of your bad relationships and give a new one a chance. You don’t need to look for anything serious to go out and have a good time with a new person who you just might want to make out with.
  9. Update your resume. This isn’t your first rodeo, girlfriend. You have been in the workforce long enough to not still have internships on your resume (unless of course that is the only experience you have). Make like the professional you are and look as good in person as you do on paper.
  10. Ask for a raise. Your salary seemed fine a few years ago, but now it is so 2000 and late. If you have been kicking ass at work and not getting recognized, it’s time to ask your boss for a raise. Don’t know how to do that? Read this.
  11. Update your space. Your surroundings effect you more than you think. Studies show that cleaning up your space makes you healthier and happier. If you are stuck in the past those bean bag chairs probably aren’t helping.
  12. Give yourself a makeover. So you think you were most attractive when you were 18, and while that may be (probably) true, you can’t pull off that same look all these years later. If you are still sporting “the Rachel” it’s time to pay a visit to the nearest hair salon.
  13. Take a trip. Nothing says living for today like temporarily relocating somewhere warmer and more relaxing. Changing scenery for a couple of days will give you a new perspective, even if it’s just a quick trip to the nearest beach.
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