14 “Green Flags” That Mean You Just May Have Found “The One”

When you start dating a new guy, you’re probably on the lookout for red flags that he’s a time-waster, which is smart. However, there are some signs he may be giving you that let you know he’s a keeper. If you notice any of these 14 green flags, congrats — you got lucky with this one.

  1. He introduces you as his girlfriend. There’s no hesitation when he does it. He doesn’t emphasize the word “friend” and he doesn’t resort to introducing you by your first name without a label attached to it. Hell no. He’s not afraid to show the world he’s committed to you — in fact, he wants anyone who’ll listen to know.
  2. You’ve had the exclusivity talk — and he initiated it. He’s made it clear that he’d like to officially date you and be exclusive with you. It sounds like a business meeting, but that’s simply because there’s no weird disclaimer or loophole down the line. He wants to be clear that he wants no one but you and be sure that you feel the same before he makes assumptions.
  3. He makes plans ahead of time. He can commit to seeing you next Friday without leaving you hanging or making you feel like a booty call by making last-minute plans. He’s clearing out space in his life and future for you because you’re important to him.
  4. He gets back to you no matter what. It’s not always easy to reply to texts or calls during a busy day, but this guy will make it clear that he’s busy if you can’t reach him and then get back to you later on when he has free time. He won’t leave you hanging for days, wondering what he’s up to because he’s an open book.
  5. He makes an effort to be nice to your loved ones, even your crazy aunt. When he meets your family (which he’s psyched to do), he’s polite and respectful to them. Even when your crazy aunt or best friend irritates him, he’s still nice and doesn’t talk badly about her later when you’re alone. Your partner doesn’t have to like every one of your loved ones, but he should love you enough to be good to them simply because they’re important to you.
  6. He understands your passions. He doesn’t have to like your passions or agree with them, but he does have to understand them and support you in your mission to succeed at your goals as well as the importance you place on doing things that you love.
  7. Sex is great but it’s not the best thing about your relationship. He loves having sex with you but he doesn’t make it the most important aspect of your relationship. When you chill out together, things don’t always have to lead to the bedroom. You have enough intimacy with him inside and outside the bedroom to make sex great but not the only thing that matters.
  8. He knows how to say sorry. The mark of an emotionally mature and decent guy is the ability to say sorry when he upsets you, even if he doesn’t think he did something wrong. The fact that it hurt you is enough for him to see things from your perspective and apologize because the right guy won’t dream of hurting you.
  9. He respects other women in his life. It’s not just how he treats you that matters, but also how he treats other people in his life. Check out how he behaves around and speaks about his female friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. If he’s quick to support them, speak well of them and uplift them, he’s going to do the same thing for you.
  10. You don’t hear about his life from Facebook. If you only hear the latest news in his life by seeing it mentioned on Facebook, there’s a problem in your relationship. A guy who’s worth your time will let you know what’s going on — in fact, you should be the first to know because you’re his special someone.
  11. He’s there for you when you need him. He’s always available when you need him. If he can’t solve the problem you’re going through, he’ll at least be there for you to lean on so that you have his support.
  12. He can tell when something’s wrong. He’s so in tune with you that he can spot when you’re in a bad mood, even if you pretend that you’re okay. He loves you so much that he sees beyond what you show the world, deeper into who you really are and what you’re really feeling. Around him, you feel seen and acknowledged.
  13. He switches his phone off during dates. This is so refreshing because it feels pretty rare! If the guy can switch off his phone and give you his undivided attention during your dates, you’ve got yourself a keeper. It shows how much he’s into you and how he won’t allow anything or anyone to interfere in your quality time together.
  14. You feel comfortable enough to be yourself. Always check how you feel around him and after seeing him as this can give you clues about what he’s bringing to your life. Around the right guy who’s worthy of being with you, you’ll feel like you can be yourself without fear of judgment or ridicule. In fact, you’ll feel energized and motivated to be the best version of yourself.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.