14 Little Satisfactions Women Get To Experience That Men Don’t

Being a woman comes with many unique challenges, but aside from the stereotypical divide that exists between men and women, there are certain sweet moments we experience that are unlike anything men ever will.

  1. Unhinging your bra as soon as you get home. After a long day of housing the lady lumps in a ridiculously cute but painfully restrictive holding cell, there’s nothing like the moment you unhinge, remove and throw that sucker across the room to embrace sweet merciful euphoria. Breathe girls, breathe!
  2. New pajamas. When your body is blanketed in fresh, soft and cute new PJs, it’s the perfect way to relax and seek complete comfort and solitude on the couch with a good movie or a book.
  3. The bliss of a freshly shaved body. You’re a dolphin. You’re velvet. You’re better than butter. No one can comprehend how silky and sexy you feel after a freshly waxed or shaved pair of legs. And you can’t help but run your hands constantly over the glorious softness and the absence of stubble.
  4. Sobbing uncontrollably while watching a romantic movie. As long as no one’s watching, you can’t explain the cleansing feeling that comes from a good weep-a-thon at the hands of a fictional love story… and then daydreaming about experiencing your own grand romantic moment.
  5. The moment the heels come off. Because as cute as they are, and as great as they make your legs look, there’s no better feeling than slipping off and lightly chucking those torture devices onto the floor to embrace the sweet sensation that is flat surfaces once again.
  6. The end of lady time. COMPLETE FREEDOM!!! For another few weeks, at least.
  7. Waking up with perfect curls from the previous day. Because any day you don’t have to style your hair is a great day.
  8. Washing the makeup off your face. Washing the day off your face and embracing what Mother Nature gave you is another truly freeing and amazing feeling. Hello again, girl who can rub her eyes without worrying about creating panda circles.
  9. Leggings. Because sometimes jeans and tight pants suck, but leggings provide the perfect escape to comfort and style all in one perfect garment. As long as you wear them right, that is (please cover your butt).
  10. Perfect winged eyeliner. When you get it right and don’t end up with an insanely thick line in an attempt to get each eye perfectly even, it’s a reason to celebrate.
  11. Indulging in period cravings. Because screw it, you deserve it when you’re dealing with a mini dinosaur trying to escape your uterus. Yes, I’ll take the pizza and nachos, thank you very much.
  12. Taking your hair out of a tight style, and then washing it. There’s a good reason those women in the Herbal Essence commercial are shouting “YES, YES, OH YES!” It’s because massaging your scalp after dealing with pony tails, bobby pins and whatever other contraptions you’ve used to hold a style together is sometimes as satisfying as an orgasm.
  13. Peeling off a face mask. And then examining your pores once you’ve rinsed yourself clean and touching your new and improved baby soft cheeks.
  14. Emotional girl bonding. Men just won’t get it and they usually look at us like we’re weirdos when they witness it. Hanging with your girlfriends and getting into that lovey-dovey emotional friendship talk is seriously just so satisfying. Being a woman is tough sometimes, but when you have each other to bond over the perks and the struggles and support each other through the good and the bad, having a tear jerking hug fest is just our act of celebrating being women together.