15 Reasons Sisters Make The Best Friends

15 Reasons Sisters Make The Best Friends ©iStock/svetikd

Sisters can be the bane of our existence – the constant fighting, competition and annoyances can drive anyone up the wall. But sisters are also pretty awesome. They can be your automatic partners-in-crime for whatever life has to throw at you, and no matter what you’re going through, they’ll always be there to have your back. And that’s awesome. Here are 15 other reasons why sisters are pretty amazing:

  1. They truly know everything about you. They’ve lived with you for so long, and remember everything from how you used to wet the bed to exactly which point during a drunken night out that they need to take your phone away from you.
  2. You get their services for free. You’ll have an automatic hair and makeup stylist for every special occasion (but only if they get to raid your closet first).
  3. They’re your automatic shopping partners. And they won’t be afraid to tell you that yes, that dress does make your butt look big, but you should get it anyway because who doesn’t like a bit of ass?
  4. You’re stuck with them forever. They’re going to be there through all the ups and downs of life, whether you like it or not.
  5. They get all your nuts family drama. It can be tough trying to explain your dysfunctional relatives to your friends. Sometimes it’s just such a relief to be able to vent with someone who already gets it.
  6. You always have someone to cover for you. From sneaking boys over back in high school to explaining to everyone why you missed the latest family reunion, your sisters have got your back when you need a plausible excuse for your behavior.
  7. They’re the perfect blackmail target. Unfortunately, because they always cover for you, they might also threaten to use your past against you. But that’s okay; because you know everything about them, too. You’ll keep their secrets if they keeps yours.
  8. You’re already good with the buddy system. Quick run to the bathroom? Check. Late night McDonald’s run? Hell yeah! Your sisters are always there by your side, so you never have to go anywhere alone.
  9. They’re your go-to gal for girls’ night. Whether it’s to the movies or out on the town, you can always hit it up, just the two (or more!) of you. Of course you can bring your friends alone, but you know that you’ll always have your sisters to accompany you.
  10. You get to enjoy all of their perks. This is especially true if your sisters are good with the guys. They can charm the bartender into a free drink and convince the guy at the Mac store to replace your phones free of charge – and that goes for you, too!
  11. They taught you how to fight. Whether it was physical or verbal, living together for so long was sure to cause issues. Lucky for you, that constant practice with your live-in sparring partner has helped you to stand up for yourself in life as well.
  12. You have an automatic bodyguard. While they may have spent most of their lives fighting you, there’s no way in hell you’ll let anyone else harm each other. They’ll easily get rid of unwanted jerks trying to hit on you, just like you schooled the girls who were bothering your sisters way back in middle school.
  13. They’ll tell it to you like it is. There’s no fear of hurting each other’s feelings or ruining a relationship, because you’ve spent so many years hurting each other, but you know you’ll always get over it. They’ll tell you the tough stuff that you need to hear, because they know you’ll be stronger for it.
  14. You have someone to vent to whenever. When they call, you answer; and if you need to talk to anyone about everything and nothing, they’re there to listen. No matter if it’s about guys, school, work, or your nuts fam, they’re always there for you to pour your heart out to.
  15. They’ll never judge you. Please, they’ve spent years dealing with your uncouth table manners and watching you walk around naked after a shower. Nothing phases them anymore; they know everything about you, even the gross things you hide from your friends.Around each other, you can be your most comfortable and relaxed selves. And there’s no judgment, because they know you do the same for her.