14 Signs You’ve Had One Too Many Cups Of Coffee Today & Are Losing Your Mind

You and coffee are BFFs. It’s not uncommon for you to have five cups a day and you’re always down for a trip to the local cafe for a cup even if you’ve just finished one. Unfortunately, sometimes you tend to overdose and go a little crazy. Here’s how you know you’re overcaffeinated.

  1. You’ve sent about 150 text messages this morning. You’re texting your friends, guys, and everyone in between. You can’t stop tapping your fingers on the screen because your mind is racing so much. You feel like you’ve just got to get it out and get it into a message. Your friends are wondering what the heck is going on with you.
  2. You’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep? What’s that? You’re never going to sleep. It feels like you’re going to be awake for the rest of your life and that sleep isn’t even a needed thing. Of course, insomnia leads to many people consuming more cups of coffee so hopefully this doesn’t turn into an endless cycle.
  3. You’ve speed cleaned multiple rooms. Unless you’re someone who already cleans rooms like a mad woman, it’s bizarre that you’re doing so now. You’re on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor and everything is in perfect order. Your cat is probably wondering what you’ve done with its human because you’re even washing her bed!
  4. You have the restless AF feeling. You can’t help but move. You’re fidgety as all hell, so you keep getting up and moving around the house. You wonder how anyone sits still ever as you continue to do random tasks around the house. You just can’t seem to burn off enough energy to chill the heck out.
  5. Your head is pounding. Your head hurts so bad that it feels as if someone took a hammer to your temples. It’s the kind of headache that bunches of ibuprofen wouldn’t even fix. It’s a searing pain that’s making it hard for you to concentrate on anything else, despite the energy roaming through your body.
  6. You’re peeing every half hour. You find yourself running to the bathroom about every 30 minutes. You can’t seem to stop peeing, it’s going on forever. All you drank is coffee, but it seems to be going right through you.
  7. Your appetite is gone. You’ve consumed so much caffeine that it’s totally squashed your appetite. All you can feel is the coffee running through your veins and you’re thinking: “Who needs food?” You definitely need food, but you’re too busy zipping all over the place to have any.
  8. You have anxiety through the roof. You’re biting your nails and your head is spinning a mile a minute. Anxiety is taking over your system as a result of one too many cups of coffee. You’re slowly losing it. You thought you knew what regular anxiety was, but this is like anxiety on crack. It’s gnawing at you.
  9. Your heart is pounding out of your chest. This one is perhaps one of the scariest signs that you’ve had too much coffee today. Your chest feels like it’s going to explode because your heart is pounding out of it. Logically, you know you’re not going to die, but it definitely feels as if you will.
  10. You’re speaking super quickly. You’re out of the house and you’re running an errand. You’re gabbing away at the teller at the bank, but they have a puzzled look on their face. You’re talking so fast that they can’t even keep up. Whoops, you consumed liquid nitro with all of that coffee you drank and now you can’t shut up or talk normally.
  11. You’re feeling more and more depressed. When you’re crashing from too much coffee, you can get depressed as a result of coming down from the stimulant. Your world starts to be painted a little darker and you wonder where you ever went wrong. This is a direct result of having too many cups of coffee; your world isn’t ending despite how much it feels like it is.
  12. You’re throwing up. Okay, you’re sure you didn’t drink too much alcohol the night before because you didn’t drink at all. Then, why are you throwing up? Well, it turns out that too much caffeine can actually make you vomit. Who would have known?
  13. Your eye has a weird twitch. It may have happened to you randomly before, but your eye twitching away now. Take this as a sign that you’ve definitely consumed too much caffeine because girl, that twitch isn’t normal. You’re afraid to go in public because you look like some sort of weirdo.
  14. You lost count of your cups. Was it five cups of coffee? You think you lost count around then. After all, you have this giant mug that fits a few cups in it, so three basically counts as one. All of these cups are going straight to your head and you can’t for the life of you remember the number you’ve consumed.
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