14 Texts From Guys You Probably Shouldn’t Trust

It can be hard to figure out what a guy’s true intentions are just by reading his texts. It’s way easier to see if a guy is lying when you’re face to face with him, but if he’s sending you these messages, you can be pretty damn sure this isn’t a guy you can trust:

  1. “I’m not looking to have sex. I just wanted to invite you over for Netflix!” This has become one of the oldest tricks in the book thanks to the “Netflix and chill” craze. Ladies who agree to come over to watch some TV should assume that the guy in question has no interest in the series he claims to want to see. He’s just looking to get laid without having to plan an expensive or effort-filled date.
  2. “Come on, let’s just see how this plays out.” If you’re texting about commitment and how you want to make it official, this line is something that you shouldn’t tolerate. A guy who says this knows it’s going to play out with you being a side chick, a placeholder, or a brief fling. If he actually wanted you, he’d lock it down.
  3. “I just want to be friends — why are you acting like I’m a creep?” If you feel like a guy is probably hitting on you, he’s probably hitting on you. A guy who’s saying this wants to avoid outright rejection and is hoping to just “orbit” and wear you down over time. Don’t fall for this cheap ploy; you know what it really is, even if he denies it.
  4. “Hahahaha, you thought I was hitting on you? I have a girlfriend!” Nothing’s quite as embarrassing as a guy who backpedals when he realizes that he messed up. No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Yes, he was hitting on you. No, you shouldn’t talk to him again.
  5. “That text wasn’t me. My friend took my phone.” This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to trying to excuse texting faux pas. Unfortunately, 99.9 percent of times a guy uses this excuse, it really is them who said all those horrible things to you. They’re hoping you’ll fall for it, because they assume that women are gullible, foolish, or just downright stupid.
  6. “That was a compliment; why are you so angry?” Assuming that the guys have even the slightest modicum of self awareness, they know that girls don’t want to hear how big their boobs are from random strangers. This kind of stuff is NOT a compliment — it’s their way of trying to dominate you verbally or a way to test the waters to see if you’ll stand up for yourself.
  7. “Sorry I wasn’t texting you — I was going through some stuff.” This line has become the de facto way men excuse themselves when they try to un-ghost a girl. When a guy’s saying this, he’s technically not lying. It’s just that the “stuff” he was going through probably was pursuing another girl.
  8. “I miss you.” This text is tricky. Yes, he might miss you, but the truth is that much of this deals with the timing of the text. If he’s texting you at 5 PM and asking to take you on a proper date, he might be legit. If he’s texting you this at 2 AM, he’s thinking that saying something sweet might convince you to have sex with him again. Either way, if you broke up with him or he broke up with you, it’s better to stay broken up.
  9. “I actually use Tinder to meet new friends.” Any guy who feeds you this line via text or otherwise is lying. We all know that Tinder isn’t used for friends. How some guys actually think that this will work to keep a girl texting them is beyond me.
  10. “You know, I could’ve been dating other girls, but I chose to pursue you.” Any guy who has to say this in order to try to keep a dialogue going between him and another girl is a liar. Any sane, well-adjusted man would never say this and think it’d work. Besides, it’s rude as you can get without directly insulting a woman to her face.
  11. I wasn’t interested in you anyway! If he wasn’t interested in you, then why would he have texted you in the first place? This is just sour grapes served with a side of insecurity.
  12. “I was doing you a favor by asking you out.” True story: rejecting “nice” guys like the ones that say this stuff is the number-one cause of sudden weight gain, disfiguration, and misery. Or, at least, it would be if what they were saying is true. It’s not, and the fact is that he’s probably a lot uglier than you could ever be.
  13. “Don’t get so angry! It’s just a joke!” Guys who make off-color jokes usually do so because they know it pushes girls’ buttons in a way that makes them irate. You’re not “sensitive” just because you don’t want to tolerate rude, idiotic jokes.
  14. “Oh, I get a lot of chicks. I have casual sex all the time.” This is a lot like saying you’re a nice guy, then showing that you’re a horrible human being. Guys who brag about having sex almost never have it. If you have to brag about it, then you’re probably lacking whatever you’re bragging about.
Ossiana Tepfenhart works as an editor to FunNewJersey's magazine, and has been working with a massive series of lifestyle sites including Woman Around Town and Guff.com