14 Things Boys May Hate But Grown Men Find Sexy AF

Two guys may be the same age, but one could be a boy and another could be a man. There are many things that distinguish the two, but the main thing is how they react to certain things that women do and have. Here are 14 things boys may hate but grown men find super sexy.

  1. A woman who speaks her mind Grown men aren’t intimidated by a woman who says what she needs to say. On the contrary, they respect her because she speaks up about what’s on her mind. Boys, though, think that these women are bitches and that they’re being overly aggressive. They don’t know anything.
  2. Being told no A woman who’s able to set clear boundaries and say “no” is one to be respected. Men know this—they value a fearless woman with good boundaries. Boys, on the other hand, try to push boundaries that are set. They don’t recognize the courage it takes to speak needs so clearly and they just disregard their woman’s needs.
  3. A woman who embraces herself, quirks and all A real man thinks it’s beautiful when a woman is able to fully celebrate all of the awesomeness that she is. She embraces her curves, her nerdy interests, and the fact that she’s a picky eater. Boys, though, are incredibly judgemental of a woman’s quirks. They’re nitpicky and close-minded.
  4. A woman who knows how to laugh A silly woman who can make herself and others laugh is the best. A real man rolls with a great sense of humor and totally enjoys it. Adversely, while women are cracking jokes, boys can’t handle it. They’re intimidated or they think the woman’s a weirdo. Boys just can’t hang with a goofball. 
  5. Unbridled confidence A woman with confidence is sexy—we all know this and grown men know this. This kind of woman is confident in who she is and in her abilities. This intimidates boys. They’d never say it, but they’re fearful of a confident woman. They’d rather have someone with low confidence that they can control.
  6. Being challenged A woman with high confidence can’t be controlled, though. She sticks up for herself and she pushes back when she needs to. A man’s not only okay with being challenged, but he welcomes it. A boy, however, has a hurt ego when a woman challenges him. He just can’t handle it.
  7. A woman who won’t play games Games are gross. They leave everyone confused and hurt. Women who don’t play games are the good ones. Men know this because they don’t want to play games either. On the contrary, boys love to play games. They fake feelings, lie, and manipulate. They’re just not worth anyone’s time.
  8. True independence An independent woman is one who doesn’t need a partner but chooses to be with one anyways. A man really appreciates this, valuing independence. Boys are terrified by this. They’d never admit it, but an independent woman scares them because they want to feel needed in an unhealthy way.
  9. Maturity Being mature is a great thing! Women who’re mature will do all of the things listed here and more. A man loves a mature woman because she can level with him. Boys don’t like maturity. They don’t want a woman who’s learned enough life lessons to be able to hold her own. They want someone they can easily manipulate
  10. Commitment A good woman will speak her needs, including if she wants a romantic commitment from her partner. Men will embrace the offer of commitment because they’re looking for the same. Boys, though, will run for the hills when this word is mentioned. They just can’t stand the idea of committing.
  11. A willingness to make the first move A woman who makes the first move is bold… but, also, it’s the 21st century, so who cares who’s making the first move? Men think it’s cool when a woman isn’t afraid and they also don’t think it’s a big deal. Boys are terrified by this. They aren’t used to women who’re willing to take control. They want to be the one calling the shots
  12. Crying People cry, it’s not a big deal. A woman who knows this isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and cry it out. She expects her man to be okay with this because it’s going to happen. Men aren’t scared off by tears, but boys are. Boys either freak out or freeze up when tears are shed. They don’t know what to do.
  13. Expectations There’s nothing wrong with some expectations. Real men know that relationships come with them. They know they need to honor the other person’s needs and wants. Adversely, boys hate expectations being put on them. They don’t want to have to respect their woman’s needs. They’d rather have no rules.
  14. A fearless dedication to feminism This one’s a true test of manhood (or, perhaps basic human decency). A real man isn’t scared by the F word. In fact, he identifies as a feminist himself. He cheers his woman on in her dedication to feminism. On the contrary, boys freak out when it comes to feminism. They use insulting words like feminazi and just know so little about the matter.
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