14 Things That Happen On Every Girls’ Night Out

14 Things That Happen On Every Girls’ Night Out ©iStock/Courtney Keating

Whether going out with the ladies is a weekly occurrence or you have to plan months in advance in order to all be available on the same night, the girls’ night out is always something to look forward to. You have a chance to catch up with your friends, remember all the mad nights you’ve had in the past, and hopefully make some new memories. Whether you like to make an appearance at your regular haunts or prefer to change it up and try out something new, there are some things about girls’ night that always seem to be the same.

  1. Someone asks if their boyfriend can come. There’s always one girl who just can’t stand the thought of being away from her amazing new boyfriend for one night. You tell her no, he is not welcome, then all proceed to berate her for even asking.
  2. You take too long to get ready and end up leaving way later than you planned. You know you have to be at the bar by 10 if you want to avoid the line, but you end up rolling up around midnight, anyway. Hopefully one of you still knows the bouncer.
  3. You reminisce like mad. Even though you’ve rehashed the same stories a hundred times before, there’s nothing like a couple glasses of wine to make you remember all the most cringe-worthy moments from the duration of your friendship.
  4. Someone always leaves early. She either has some in-law thing in the morning, or she just isn’t into partying like she used to be. Either way, you all beg her to stay for just one more round, and she probably gives in, but just order a ginger ale.
  5. You bitch about men. Single, dating, co-habitating, married, it doesn’t matter. There’s always something guy related to complain about.
  6. Someone passes around her phone for some group Tindering. You swipe right on everyone just to see what kinds of ridiculous conversations you’ll have. Then you all discuss how it’s possible to simultaneously love and hate being single.
  7. Someone tries to set rules. There’s always one girl that tries to enforce the whole “this is girls’ night” thing by c*ckblocking every single guy that even looks in your group’s direction for a second too long. You have to pretend you’re going to the bathroom to slip that guy your number if you’re looking for a hookup on girls’ night out.
  8. Someone ditches the group for a guy, anyway. Can she help it if she has the opportunity to hang out with a Channing Tatum lookalike? None of you can really blame her, so you let it slide this time.
  9. You all go to the bathroom at the same time. At least two of you will cram into one stall together, gossiping while you take turns peeing. Who wants to pee alone when there’s so much to talk about?
  10. One girl won’t quit taking pictures for Instagram. #girlsnight. #noboysallowed. #drunkwiththegirls. At least tomorrow you’ll be able to look through her feed and remember what happened.
  11. One girl starts secretly texting her ex. Except she isn’t very good at hiding it at this point. She gets the “he’s a douche” lecture, and another girl insists on holding on to her phone for the rest of the night.
  12. Even the girl that never dances gets drunk enough to dance. She may need a shot or two, and you might have to request her favourite Janet Jackson circa 2001 song to get her in the mood, but she’ll get there.
  13. You shoo away weirdos that would rather creep up behind you and grab your ass than actually say hi. When your friend opens her eyes really wide and shakes her head slightly while looking over your shoulder, you know there’s a lurker approaching.
  14. You argue over your drunk food options. Pizza. No, Chinese food. No, shawarma. No, poutine! How do you choose when you want it all?
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