14 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

To women, all of these things are normal parts of everyday life. To guys, they’re are a fascinatingly terrifying mystery. Don’t even try explaining them. You’ll get a blank stare. Don’t worry, though – guys accept all of these things, even if they don’t fully understand them. I just think of them as fun ways to distract guys from what they’re usually thinking about.


I don’t get what’s so fascinating about a bra. It’s uncomfortable and yet another layer stuck against my skin when it’s 100 degrees outside. Watch a guy with a bra. They try to sneak up on it and they’re always looking in the empty cups like they expect some kind of treat to be inside. If you let them, they’ll happily play with it for hours.


Any and every guy is terrified of a period. They know it’s horrible and if they’re even remotely intelligent, they know to just accept whatever might happen without complaint. They’re also fascinated by them. Why? If they bled for a whole week, ached and bloated, they’d probably die. We do all of this while still going about our day like nothing’s wrong. They don’t know how we do it.


Unless you’re a waitress or work in retail, many guys are intimidated and even scared of a woman with a job. I guess we’re supposed to be helpless and rely on them for all our financial needs. Maybe it’s the fact that we have skills beyond pleasing a guy. Either way, tell a guy you have a job and he’s going to look a little scared and amazed.

Sense of humor. 

I’m not sure why guys don’t think women can be funny. I do get the terrified part though. Let’s face it, some of us get a little bitchy with our humor. It turns more into a ego bashing than real humor. Once a guy realizes you’re actually funny without treating him like crap, he’s completely fascinated.


I’ve been around guys. They have emotions too, yet they’re completely taken off guard every time we express any strong emotion. Something sad happens and we cry. We have a bad day and get angry. I don’t get why our emotions are so strange to guys. I guess we just have the balls to express them.

Fashion sense. 

If you haven’t already, let a guy take a look in your closet. The sheer amount of various items will scare him. Then he’ll be fascinated at how incredible you are at putting together hot outfits that show off your fun personality.

Multi-tasking expertise. 

Most guys’ idea of multi-tasking is eating chips while watching TV. Women can do that to, but we’ll probably add in some conversation, exercise and work on cooking dinner too. We’re just programmed that way.

Excellent memory. 

I admit, I’ve forgotten some important dates, but overall, women have much better memories. Of course guys are going to fear that. They’re also amazed at how we remember all those small details. How else can we keep our guys in check?

Skin care products. 

Guys tend to have shampoo, shave cream and maybe some face and body lotion. We usually have an entire shelf or two just for skin care. Do they think we look this good without any effort? Honestly, it takes quite a few products to get that smooth, touchable skin they always want.


Do guys think it’s just air in our heads? With all we have to do, yes, we do have to be intelligent. Of course, most guys are scared of a woman who might be smarter than them. The good guys just appreciate it and realize intelligence is incredibly sexy.


If guys thought they could get away with it, they’d happily carry a purse. I’m pretty sure one of the reasons women carry them is just to tote around their guy’s crap. You’ll usually catch a guy eyeing your purse, wondering what you’ll pull out next. He’s too afraid to reach in himself, but he’s amazed with the clown car you call a purse.

Sex toys. 

Pull out a random sex toy with your guy for the first time and watch the mood change. No guy wants to be replaced by a toy. He thinks he’s all you need. It might take some coaxing, but once he tries it, he’s fascinated with how different sex feels. Of course, for some toys, he’s still just going to be completely terrified.

Teeny tiny undies. 

These are kind of like bras to guy. We think they’re cute and sexy and so do guys. It’s when they pick up a pair of panties and they’re smaller than his hand that he looks completely confused. He has no clue how we fit our lady parts in something so tiny. He’s also a little afraid that you might try to get him to wear something like it and he knows for sure his family jewels aren’t fitting in them.


They’re a pain in the ass, but we wear them anyway. They’re also dangerous. Guys can’t deny how hot they make us look. They’re also a little afraid they might get stabbed accidentally. It’s a risk, but one they’re happy to take.

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