14 Feelings You’ll Experience Regularly If You’re With The Right Guy

There may be no such thing as a perfect love, but you deserve as close as it gets. You need someone who lets you regularly know how grateful he is to have you in his life and who makes you feel the following:

  1. Respected. Your ideas, your opinions, and your values should all be encouraged and your point of view deeply appreciated. He should remind you time and time again that he thinks the world of you. Even when you two disagree, you’ll know that in his eyes, you’re an equal.
  2. Loved. Unconditional, unwavering love is paramount, no matter what you go through as a couple — not the kind of love that keeps score, judges, or asks something of you. You need the kind of love that’s forgiving, kind, tangible, and real — the kind that people search for their entire lives but only the lucky actually find. You should feel every single day that you’re one of the fortunate few.
  3. Excited. And not just in the early stages when a relationship is new. He should make you feel ecstatic to experience the world together, from big adventures to the day to day normalcies. You should be looking forward to every new moment and the future you can’t wait to have with the man of your dreams.
  4. Understood. As much as you try to be your authentic self, it can sometimes be hard to communicate exactly the way you need what you need. The right man will know you so well that even in those moments when you can’t find the right words, he’ll get it. You need someone who gets what you’re experiencing on the deepest level and sees exactly who you are inside.
  5. Challenged. Not because he’s stubborn or wants to prove a point but because he wants you to stand up for what you believe in. You don’t need a yes-man or someone to blindly agree when you aren’t thinking something through. Instead, you should find the person who gently pushes back, not to fight but only to fuel your passion and your purpose.
  6. Beautiful. In the moments when you try but mostly in the moments that you don’t. When you feel anything but your best, he should look at you with those eyes that remind you he’s in complete and utter awe and that the body you were given is perfect. The scars inside and out tell your story and you should be everything he’s always wanted.
  7. Strong. You’ve been knocked down but you always get back up. He should make you feel like even though he’s an extra suit of armor, he knows you don’t need it. You have more than enough resilience to make it through and he admires that about you. He’ll never try to rescue you, he’ll only help you rescue yourself.
  8. Inspiring. He should tell you time and time again that you make him a better man and that because of you and the faith you’ve placed in him, he wants to explore, grow and make a difference in the world. Seeing you shine so brightly should instill in him the desire to do the same and to be the best version of himself that he can be.
  9. Supported. He should be your rock, your cheerleader, and your biggest fan. You need no doubts in your mind that he wants you to reach for the stars, no matter how far away they seem. You need a partner who will boost you up, catch you when you fall, and never stop reminding you to follow your dreams.
  10. Vulnerable. The only way to accept true love is to open your heart completely. The best couples show each other what the rest of the world doesn’t see — the parts of your past that make you who you are. Letting someone in is scary but with him, you should know that your deepest secrets are safe.
  11. Sexy. There’s more to life and more to love than just physical chemistry, but he should show you how badly he wants you and how much he craves every part of your body and adores each inch of your skin. He should feel that when he’s with you, the entire world melts away because your scent and your touch are intoxicating.
  12. Brilliant. You’re accomplished yet humble and you’ll reach whatever goals you set for yourself. He should value your intellect and encourage you to keep soaking up information and experiences. Where you’ve been has taught you many lessons, and he should always try to learn from you.
  13. Safe. The world is a scary place, and sometimes you’ll be rocked by hard times and tragedies, left feeling terrified and alone. He should show you that no matter what happens, you have a safe harbor to come home to. You have arms to take cover in and a heart that will do whatever it can to protect you.
  14. Alive. The best kinds of love are the ones that give you life. That lift you up, send you flying, and open your eyes to a world you never thought possible. You deserve to look into his eyes every single day and see your future staring back at you. Because you know that through every up and every down, your life is better with him in it.
We only have one chance to live this life and I'm making the most of it. I'll make plenty of mistakes along the way but each one will send me further down the right path.