14 Types Of Friends Women Encounter Throughout Their Lives

14 Types Of Friends Women Encounter Throughout Their Lives ©iStock/BraunS

Though we want to say that each of our friendships are a unique, remarkable experience, the truth is that most friendships will fall into pretty identifiable categories. While some categories are pretty unusual, others aren’t as uncommon as we’d like to think. Chances are that you’ve probably had a couple of the following friends in your entourage at one point or another.

  1. The Museum Artifact. This pal is a blast from the past. You’ve known one another probably since preschool or kindergarten and back in the day, the two of you were closer than two peas in a pod. As the decades pass, you grow apart and head in different directions. Even so, you still end up chatting occasionally, though it’s more like reminiscing.
  2. The Frenemy. OK, this isn’t a real friend, per se, but you do a lot of things together and act like good buddies sometimes. Other times, it’s all about passive-aggressive digs and actually kinda just hating each other’s guts. There’s sh*t talking and drama involved, but hey, it is what it is.
  3. The Friend You Only See In Group Hangouts. Sure, you hang out regularly, but the fact is that you’ve never actually chilled with her one-on-one. Even though you barely know much of anything about her and you probably have no way of getting in contact with her, she seems to be super fun, and you always look forward to seeing her at the next party.
  4. The Chronically Wasted. If there was a Nobel prize for partying hard, she would have at least gotten one nomination. She’s the life of a party, but she also can be the death of a party. Sometimes, you worry about her. Other times, you’re just as wasted as she is, and you’re enjoying her company. Of course, she can be a bit of a bad influence, so it’s often best to avoid hanging out with her too much. It’s a bittersweet friendship, really.
  5. The Study Buddy. This is a really handy friend who can or has helped you pass tons of classes in the past. Always ready to help you further your career or help you get through red tape involving finance, the Study Buddy is one friend you should never let go of. In fact, the more that you learn from her, the better.
  6. The Rom-Com Friend. For some reason, this friend is your plucky, awesomely encouraging girl who helps you get the guy. If things are heading South, she’s the first in your defense line. She’s the awesomely absorbent shoulder when you break up, too. When it comes to all things love, you know she’s rooting in your corner.
  7. The Club Friend. OK, you’ve hung out with this buddy one-on-one, but only when you’re getting ready for the club. Then, the two of you go to the club together and tear up the dance floor like only you two could. Outside of the club and all the drama it causes, you two don’t really talk to one another. Most likely, you’ll part ways after one of you grows up a bit.
  8. The Dynamic Duo. This isn’t one friend, but two in one. They’re a couple, and they’re most likely joined at the hip. Together, they’re supportive, funny, and downright hilarious. They’re awesomely fun to hang out with, and they’re that one glimmer of hope that true love does exist, personified. When you’re single, the Dynamic Duo may make you a bit jealous, but truth be told, they’re both so awesome that you can’t even fault them for having it good together.
  9. The Scumbag Steve. Every person alive has had one “friend” who’s done something outrageously scummy. Whether it’s something as low as sleeping with a fiance or stealing your Xbox, the Scumbag Steve is a friend who doesn’t stay a friend for long… hopefully.
  10. The Family Friends. You’ve known this entire family since you were a tot. In fact, you were practically raised in their house. You know your friend’s parents, uncles, aunts, pet dog from 10 years ago, and even why she has that awkward middle name. It’s safe to say that this entire family will stay in your life from years to come, and that’s a wonderful thing. The best thing about this is that you didn’t outgrow your friend, so there’s plenty to talk about every time you meet up.
  11. The Ghost. This is that one friend that blips in and out of existence for a variety of reasons. At times, she’s just too busy with a new beau, relationship, or hobby to remember to reach out to people. But when she comes around, it’s pretty awesome. You can’t fully fault her, but at times you really wish she was better at keeping in touch. Oh well.
  12. The Mensch – If hearts were made out of metal, this person would have a heart of solid 24K gold. This is the friend who you go to whenever you need major help of any sort. She’s kind, giving, understanding, and insanely loyal to those who are good to her. A true Mensch quickly turns into a family member, and is always a friend for life. The only issue Mensches have is that they’re often taken advantage of, so if you’re wise, you’ll be there to protect her from the Scumbag Steves in her life.
  13. The Sexually Tense Friend. This is a friendship that occurs when you end up getting very attracted to someone who started out as a close friend. This can go one of three ways. At worst, it could turn into a very painful unrequited love story. It could also turn into a scenario in which you date for a while, then experience a pretty terrible breakup. Or, it could turn into you two getting married. Either way, it’s surprisingly common.
  14. The Planner. Ever notice how there’s always that one friend who’s always in charge of planning major get-togethers? The Planner is that friend. Having multiple Planners in your life can mean a pretty hectic schedule, but that isn’t a bad thing, is it?
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