14 Uncommon Things That Make You More Attractive To The Opposite Sex

14 Uncommon Things That Make You More Attractive To The Opposite Sex ©iStock/Izusek

Beauty isn’t something that can be defined by a certain physical quality. There are just little things or ways that make us attractive — uncommon things, special things that are hard to put your finger on sometimes. But now’s the time to embrace our so-called flaws and feel wonderful about our unique selves. Here are 14 uncommon things that make you more attractive to the opposite sex:

  1. A raspy voice. Women love a raspy voice on a man, and it can — and does — actually work the other way around, too! A raspy voice can drive any man crazy. It can be calming, reassuring, smooth as silk… all in all a wonderful experience.
  2. Mess. Not dirty dishes type of mess, but clothes on the bed type of mess is actually considered quite attractive to many men. It shows that the woman has better things to do, and is laid-back. Of course, you can go too far with it, but a little disarray isn’t so bad.
  3. Nerds. Not sexy fantasy-type nerds, but actual smart women who enjoy nothing more than curling up with an encyclopedia and having conversations over whether or not Elon Musk’s Powerwall is really a viable idea. Oh, and thick rimmed glasses are pretty hot, too.
  4. Freckles. Flawless skin is fine and all, but not many people have bene graced with nature’s Photoshop. Freckles, for all their perceived “imperfections”, has been making a comeback.
  5. Glasses. A gal who rocks a pair of specs is sexy as hell!
  6. A crocked smile. A crocked smile adds character to a face, and draws the person in, so let that smile shine!
  7. Loud laughs. There is nothing wrong with laughter, and the louder, the better!
  8. Body hair. Tired of shaving/waxing/tweezing every inch of your body? Well, then you’d be glad to hear that some men find body hair super attractive.
  9. Pale skin. Gone are the days where bronzed was the only way, with celebs like Emma Stone representing just how beautiful the paler lady can be if they embrace it!
  10. Awkwardness. Being awkward is endearing. It can make a person giggle, it can make a guy take notice, and it shows the world that you aren’t afraid to be your authentic self.
  11. Stretch marks. Those war stripes aren’t something you should be ashamed of at all — some people even find them hella attractive!
  12. Distinct clavicles. You know the bones at the top of your chest? You know the way they stick out? Well, it’s actually a pretty attractive feature.
  13. A soft belly. During the Renaissance, people considered being “fat” (i.e. rounder and softer) a sign of beauty and value. And in many cultures today, it’s still seen as beautiful. Heck, men have fetishes about bigger women!
  14. A woman who talks with her hands. Expressive people are attractive. They pull you into their stories, they engage you in intellectual debate, they make you excited about things that you might not usually be interested in.
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